La Creperie Night in Katipunan..

by - July 15, 2014

One of those nights that you just want to sit down for a while and let the traffic to subside. 
That's when I asked boyfie to join me in La Creperie because of the heavy traffic EVERYWHERE. :(
A small building in Katipunan that you might not even noticed. Aside from it's new, the place was really small and there's a minimal light in the area. But it's right beside Craft Coffee
 I really love the artsy, rustic place they have. Pastel shades that were soothing in my eyes 
plus the wonderful background of their music.
 Plus these cheesy lines as well! :P Their service were excellent! Our order came in just 5 minutes. We don't have to call their attention to refill our drinks as well
I will not put their menu anymore since they have gazillions of choices to choose from. 
From breakfast crepes, savory, desserts and lots more! Check the link below for their facebook page. :)
 Mango Hazelnut Au Chocolat (255 pesos)- This is a automatic order whenever we go to La Creperie. The side crisp and soft crepe filled with mango, drizzled with salted caramel syrup (so good!), then topped with whipped cream and almonds shavings hits the spot. Though I find some of the mango a bit sour. But it's fine with me though.
First time trying out Pesto Crepe! And look! It's bigger than my face! (The knife serves as a size reference)
  Italienne (385 pesos) - Crispy crepe with ham, mozarella cheese, pesto, tomato and cream on top! I love this! As a pesto lover, it's automatic thumbs up for me. Though better eat this one as soon as they serve so it will not lapse.

As much as we want to order other crepe, their serving size was quite filling! 
We'll definitely come back for more! Check their page here for details. :)

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