Food Hunting by Avida Food Hunt!

by - July 04, 2014

Me and Boyfie already planned of going to Puerto Galera last June 28. But we received a unusual bloggers event that I can't seem to turn down. It's the Avida Food Hunt! I admit, I was really excited just by thinking of these different restaurants in Taft area. It will surely bring me to the memory lane of College Days.
 Avida Food Hunters! I can't help but think the food challenge and races I've watched in the television. Thinking that it will be like amazing race. nyahah! But it's actually a food tour that focuses on different great food stops that can be found near that area.
 Avida Food Hunt Map. If you'll check at it closely, some were even walking distance from the Avida Prime itself. I noticed that apart from the good number of food stops there, I've noticed the affordable prices these stores has. It's actually quite perfect for students near that area since there's a lot of schools nearby, affordable yet good food is a number one concern! :)
 The event was hosted with the ever jolly Chef JJ Yulo. Shared us different stories and guided us throughout the event.
 They showed us different rooms, but what I loved most is this room. (Forgot the name, sorry). The interiors and colors are soothing in the eyes.
 You can maximize the place according to your needs.

 So moving on, we hop with different restaurants nearby and explore different good stuffs out there.
 The event was also attended by UAAP point guard, Thomas Torres of DLSU Green Archers. 

Check out these restaurant beside that area (Will put a blog post individually)
 First Stop: Black and White Cafeteria
Bacon and Burger Special
 Second Stop: Nemoto Japanese Restaurant
 Special Mix of Sushi and Rolls
 Third Stop: Rap Steak and Cakes
 Rap's Large Porter House Steak
 Fourth Stop: Agno Food Court
Fifth Stop: Noriter Cafe 
Java Chip Frapuccino and Toast Honey Bread.

These are just some of the places that food lovers out there must check out in Taft Area particularly in Avida Prime Tower. As what Avida says " Avida Towers Prime Taft is strategically placed in Taft in such a way that you are only a few minutes away from top universities. Plus, it is also nearest to three major city centers, namely Manila's Taft Avenue, Makati's central business district and Pasay's commercial centers! "
Definitely a happy food hunters! :)

For more details with Avida, you can check their site @

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  1. I have to say I absolutely loved going to this place the other night. The event coordinator there were trying to create an optimal dinner experience while making your choices their priority.


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