Eastwood Mall Presents: Coffee Con!

by - July 21, 2014

I am not a master when it comes to coffee, but I do really know how to appreciate good coffee. That's why when I received an invite to attend a Coffee Convention I am way too excited especially with latte arts! :)
It was a one rainy night, so forgive me for low quality photos since I am just using a handy cam. 
That's the time when Typhoon Glenda landed in Philippines. (Hope everyone is okay!)
Okay moving on, the event was held in Eastwood Mall's Atrium. You can't miss seeing the event since the aroma of the coffee will surely catch your attention!
The event was gracefully attended by different coffee hubs in the metro. They don't just offer coffee but different goodies as well such as cookies, chocolates, and different pastries.
Coffee Empire
18 Days Coffee
Bennet and Palmer
Kickstart Coffee
Craft Coffee
Delonghi and San Remo
The event started by Philippine Barista and Coffee Academy. A school that specializes with coffee. 
Not just the basics of coffee but the entire details when it comes to coffee.
I was happy seeing latte art makers doing their job. It may easy as it looks like but it doesn't! A part of their subject specializes on Latte Arts. I was given the chance to taste the Espresso. Bitter pure espresso that will surely keeps me going until the next morning! HA! :p
Second was the 18 Days Coffee. We were told that it's 18 Days Coffee since the best flavor 
of coffee comes within 18 days from the day it was roasted.
They specializes with Civet Coffee. 
Yes, the most expensive coffee in the world comes from the "poop" of the Civet Cat.
Upon checking the bean, it's pretty much like the peanut with brown skin that you can peel.
The civet coffee taste has this earth-y woody taste. Unlike other coffee, the taste of the coffee was clean. 
It doesn't leave that bitter after taste in the throat.
Bennett and Palmer allowed us to experience the Taste of Vietnam! It's my first time tasting a Vietnamese coffee.
Instead of putting a regular sugar, they used condensed milk. I've heard that cold version of this one is much better than the hot one. We also tried the Michelin star chef endorsed chocolate--Marou!
The next one was hosted by Delonghi and San Remo. They taught us the basic technique in creating a latte art.
I love the smooth and bitter taste of their latte. And it's ready made drinkable too!
Silca / Kickstart coffee taught us the basic Coffee Cupping 101. Determining the kind of coffee just by tasting them. Their coffee was really strong that is made up with 100% Premium Arabica. I bet my Dad would love their coffee!

But my favorite part would be the Coffee Art using Coffee Beans!
It was hosted by non other than Vincent Navarro. He is an accomplished Visual Artist and Fine Arts teacher graduated in University of the Philippines Baguio. You will get mesmerized with his works! See that art behind him? All his art works were made using coffee beans! Can you imagine the patience and hard work he allot on every piece? 
 We even tried it by ourselves. We had some simple canvass, dried coffee sand, toothpick and industrial glue. 
Simply put the glue on the black pattern then top it off with coffee.
 I had fun doing this one! Really interactive! The bloggers and guest were so busy that time!
Not bad for first timer huh? :P
But boyfie is the one who finished first. Darn! >:|
So for coffee lovers out there, coffee experts, and feeling coffee expert like me (HAHAHA) you still have the chance to join the fun filled event this July 21-27 at Coffee Bazaar in Mckinley Hill to check different organic coffee, coffee-flavoured desserts, coffee makers and more! 

For more details, you can call Megaworld Lifestyle Mall Concierge at 709-9888 | 709 0888 | 0917 838 0111 or visit www.megaworldlifestylemalls.com

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