Adorable 3D Latte Art at Commune!

by - July 15, 2014

I remember when I saw a 3D Latte Art on the internet. I was really amazed seeing a Not-The-Usual-Type of Latte Art.
You know how I badly love latte arts!
Then I found out that Commune in Makati specializes in making 3D latte arts! We first visited the cafe one Sunday night and to my disappointment, they are close every Sunday to allow their staffs to have quality time with their family. That's what I'm talking about! Really good job Commune! :)
If the place wasn't packed that day, I will surely have tons of pictures of the place. 
But I still enjoyed the great ambiance that the place has.
Coffee 101 Basics
These book shelves and wall decals makes the place homey yet artistic.
This side of the cafe was filled with different high classy chairs, with high tables that's perfect for barkada catch up 
(the teenagers was very noisy over there. haha).
Another part of the cafe was these simple chairs and tables that was way different than the other side. It's more on Do-Not-Disturb-I'm-Reading place. Laptop users, and book worms can perfectly seat here. 

Unlike other usual coffee shops out there, Commune offers different kinds of rice meals as well!
Pork Adobo (190 +)- Served in a Banana leaf that was wrapped beautifully. The serving size was good enough for average person. I really loved this one! Sure it may not be the super tender type, but the flavor sipped throughout out the meat.
Sinampalukang Manok (180 +)- This one was okay. I love the super sour type of their sinampalukang manok, but a great amount of fish sauce will help a lot.
Lumpiang Sariwa (90 +)- You can see on the photo that I'm not even interested to take a picture with this one anymore. Seriously, This is the saddest lumpiang sariwa I've seen. The lettuce seems to be a leftover somewhere, to the point that when it was served on our table, the lettuce was touching down the table already. But when I looked at the guy who ordered Lumpiang Sariwa on the other table, the lettuce seems crisp and fresh. Bat ganun? Unfair! The taste was okay, a bit on the sweet side.
Coffee Latte (124 pesos) and Hot Chocolate (125 pesos) - I asked a particular server to copy the latte art I saw in looloo then they looked at the picture and viola! Really cute! (Though it took 30 minutes) Taste wise, the chocolate was really bland. It's like a "matabang na milo" as what boyfie said. :(
But I really can't resist it! It's so adorable! :)

So here's their menu:

Check out their page here

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  1. I love this place! Especially the wall paintings and the pork adobo. :)


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