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by - June 26, 2014

I admit, my weakness probably sweets. Sometimes, I even wished that I don't have sweet tooth since I can avoid every food except sweets. But since I have, well, I have to embrace it. YOLO! haha!
Recently, I was given a chance to taste a dozen of DecaDens Cupcake. It is an online store owned by mother and daughter team up. I have to be honest with you, when I first saw their facebook page, I didn't felt any ooomph factor since it's plain, simple and straight to the point starting up page. They have few flavors to choose from: Simply Vanilla, Red Velvet, Carrot with Cream Cheese Frosting, Triple Chocolate, Chocolate Decadence and Banana with Chocolate Chips.
I'm giving you tetadventurer's word, I really swear that by far, this is the best tasting cupcakes I've had from different online sellers I've tried. No offense to others but, I have to be honest. DecaDens cupcake really stood out from the rest and my expectations as well. I don't compare cupcakes to Sonja's and Cupcake Lab since they are my bench mark for best tasting cupcakes in the Metro, but DecaDens cupcakes really can compete with those two. I failed to asked if the owners somewhat study in culinary school because it's really unsual for online stores to sell cupcake that is good like this one! They should put their own store! (Exaggerated? I wish I do, but I'm really serious here guys.)
What stood out from DecaDens cupcake is the cupcake itself. It's really soft and moist! You can even enjoy the bread on its own. So let's break down their flavors shall we? (I will not mention anymore the cupcake itself in every flavor since all of the cupcakes were really moist) :) NOTE: As you may notice, I don't have the usual photo of my cupcake with a bite on it. It's so good that I failed and forgot to take pictures. I'm devouring on that time with their cupcake. :(
Red Velvet (45 pesos) : Infairness to me (nag buhat ng sariling bangko! hahah!) I have the mastery to determine a good Red Velvet from not-so-good Red Velvet Cupcake. Their Red Velvet has that perfect velvet-y taste. Not too light, nor over powering. Just right. Plus the cream cheese on top! I can compare it (tastewise) with Sonja's Red Velvet. The Creem Cheese may not be as fluffy as Sonja's but the taste really hits the spot!

Chocolate with White Chocolate (35 pesos) : The one with chocolate drizzle on top. One of my favorite. Aside from the soft chocolatey cake it has, the cupcake was generously topped with white chocolate icing. I'm such a butter cream girl and this is absolute thumbs up for me!

Chocolate Decadence (35 pesos) : Topped with chocolate icing that was not too sweet, and sprinkled with chocolate nibbles. Perfect for chocolate lovers! Though I wished they change the color of the sprinkles to give some contrast with the icing. :)

Simply Vanilla (30 pesos) : This one is my least favorite. I'm not sure if I'm just not a fan of vanilla or what. But there's an after taste of flavor with the icing. I guess it's because of the food color that was used since it has the light flower-y after taste.

Banana with Chocolate Chips (40 pesos) : My favorite from all their cupcakes! I am surprised with myself as well. The soft banana cake is loaded with chocolate chips that is surely a treat from everyone. Combining a light banana snack with the indulgence of chocolate chips. Topped with light and creamy Mocha icing that reminded me of top bakeshop here in the Philippines. Really really good!

If there's a tip I can give, maybe to elevate their cupcake presentation so people will get enticed and know how good is their cupcake. Second would be the variety flavors. And I have to notice the cupcake cups that was used. They used the silver cupcake cups. Not only it looks classy, but it doesn't affect the taste of the cupcake like other paper cups. :)

I wished that Decadens will forever keep the consistency of the quality cupcakes they create. It's my first time to do this but I actually order a dozen for me. (Now you know it is really that good)  Visit their page here  :)
Or contact 0923 910 6556.

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