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by - June 19, 2014

It's actually "in" these days that restaurants offers Create-Your-Own goodness. Who wouldn't like that anyway? All your favorite in a particular food that you will eat. The savory creation will be in your hands! Nom!
Mad for Pizza - Is the newest pizza chain that offers Create your Own Pizza for an affordable price! 
The place is actually spacious. Good for large group, friends get together, or simply to chilax. Well ventilated, fast wifi, and flat screen tv for your entertainment. (See that huge board above? That's the number of toppings to choose from!)
From Veggies..
Cheese.. Spices..
And the most favorite, the meats!
First, choose your dough on their menu board, followed by your preferred sauce, then whatever toppings you like. As many as you can! :)
Like this one! Create Your Own Pizza (280 pesos)

If you're not in the mood to customize your own pizza, you may opt for their ready made pizza:
Anya's Creation (250 pesos) - Alfredo Sauce, Mozzarella, Parmesan, Cheddar Shrimp and Roasted Garlic. Wasn't able to try this since almost all of the foods were placed in just one side of the bloggers table. Hehe. But it sure looks good! :)
Justin's Favorite (250 pesos) - It's perfect for the meat lovers out there! Made up of sausages, mozzarella, Parmesan, peperoni, bacon and meatball crumble! 
Andross's Choice (250 pesos) - Mozzarella Cheese, Ham, Feta, and Pineapple. The combination of saltiness from the cheese and sweetness of the pineapple was quite good! But I personally prefer if the pineapple was cut smaller. 
House Salad (158 pesos) - It was actually one of the dish I can't stop myself from munching! A simple crisp salad tossed in a garlic ranch dressing with slices of tomatoes, mangoes, and eggs. A light and very refreshing snack! 
Nachos (178 pesos) - Combination of meat, onions, and salsa. Generously drizzled with cheese and mayo.
Disco Fries (188 pesos) - I liked this better than the nachos. It pretty has the same components with the Nachos, but the enjoyment of eating fries smothered with cheese plus meat is surely a thumbs up for me!
Beef Stew Pasta (188 pesos) - For just less than 200 pesos, I'm surprised to see the huge serving they have. Not the saucy type of pasta but the tomato base sauce complemented well the tender beef chunks with a little fatty trimmings! 
Fish and Chips (198 pesos) - Simple yet good. The fish coated with batter was crispy on the outside, yet the fish retains its juiciness inside. Perfect with their honey mayo dip!
Amboy "The Angus Beef Belly" in Adobo Sauce (198 pesos) - Yes, angus beef belly for just 198 pesos! Though I'm still looking for "that" abodo flavor, nevertheless, I actually enjoy the flavorful mexican spice flavor present in that dish!
Tennessee Pork Spareribs (268 pesos) - Good for sharing! It's not fall off the bone type but it's tender and flavorful with the sauce smothered on the ribs!
Banoffee Cubbler (88 pesos) and Panna Cota (88 pesos) 
Frozen Iced Tea (88 pesos) - I wasn't able to try this one but it's basically like a Iced Tea slush. :)
Salted Caramel Milk Shake (95 pesos) - I'm a fan of Salted Caramel but this one is waaay too sweet for my liking. The owner said it's still in a progress of perfecting this drink.

Check out Mad for Pizza Menu:

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