Persian Relaxation at Aramesh Spa and Wellness

by - June 24, 2014

One week to go, me and boyfie will celebrate our 9 Years together. Naks! :) Just right in time when he is fully recovered from his operation. Before that, we originally planned to have some foot spa and to relax for a while. Then I received an invite from our good friends in Aramesh Spa and Wellness.
Aramesh Spa is located at Valero Street, Salcedo Village in Makati. For landmarks, just go to RCBC Plaza in Ayala, you'll see the Mcdonald's near that area and it's 2 buildings away from there. It's on Unit 601 6th floor, Heart Tower Building (Green Building)
Aramesh Spa is a 2-in-1 stop. It was originally a Dental Clinic. But then, the customers suggested to the owners that they should put up a spa. When I first heard that, honestly I thought "Why they should put a spa in a Dental Clinic?"
The friendly folks told us that, while others are waiting for their turn in the clinic, they can unwind and relax. 
Then I realized, that was quite a good idea! A brilliant idea to be exact!
 You'll instantly notice the theme they have inside. It's not the typical spa out there. It's the only Persian Spa in the Metro. The owners Farzaneh J. Shamsi (Surgeon and Cosmetic Dentist ) & Dr. Shahideh L. Nikbin (Orthodontist) is a half Iranian-Half Pinoy living in the Philippines. I've met the owners and they are really lovely and nice! Too bad that they need to go outside the moment we arrived and wasn't able to have a picture with them. Maybe next time! :)
It seems that you are transported from one place to another instantly!
Sample scents of their fragrant oils.
  Every detail were carefully selected to give the customer a homey yet one of kind experience.
I personally loved the dimmed light plus the fragrant scented candle in the place. It calms and soothes my senses. :)
The pathway going to their rooms
Premier Room (There are other rooms available as well)
The VIP Suite Room. Wasn't able to take shot of the entire room. But it's perfect for the couples, partners or even friends who wants to have more privacy. What's so cool with this room is that, they have their own jacuzzi inside!
Moving on, this is their Foot Massage Room. The couches provided are spacious enough to seat comfortably. I was offered to try their signature Aramesh Spa, but since boyfie had his operation, we opted for the foot spa alone since we have that plan before hand. So let's proceed, shall we? :)
We were first offered a tea. Not the usual tea, but a Persian tea. It's my first time trying out a Persian tea and I liked it! Not too light, not too strong. It was served with sugar cubes, triangles (?) hahah. I was informed that I was drinking the wrong way when the staff told me that it's not the right way of drinking Persian Tea. HAHAHAH. You should put the sugar under your tongue then sip the tea after. In all fairness, it does make sense than putting the sugar directly (like what I did. haha!). The sugar has a sweet (duh) and minty flavor taste, plus the vintage tea cups! ;)
They first gather their things that I don't usually see from other spas. The foot spa will last up to 45 minutes. 
They first soaked our tired feet to soften it up, and scrape our dead skin for about 15 minutes,
...before using the foot spa paddle for 15 minutes. Included as well is the massage and scrub after, it feels really good! This was all meticulously done by the staffs. Good job guys! :)
When the feet is fully rejuvenated and clean, it was soaked in the blusher (if I remember it correctly) to give that fresh and natural pinkish effect. Then to cap off our session with a soothing cold cream right after. It lasted for around 1 hour on my feet. Feels really good! :)
Thanks to these wonderful ladies who gave us such amazing experience! :)
I really believe that this Spa deserves more attention. A hidden gem in the heart of Makati that will make you fall inlove with their great and friendly service and especially one of a kind ambiance.
Time to relax and leave that stress behind. Check out Aramesh Spa's Rate above.

For more details check their page below:

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