Newest Luxury Buffet in Town: La Fiesta! Largest Filipino Buffet

by - June 21, 2014

Presenting the newest buffet in the metro! La Fiesta! | Largest Filipino Buffet. Admit it, we are really fond of buffets right? But set aside those International buffets out there, and let's focus to the most delicious food of all ---
La Fiesta offers exquisite dish that represents different regions in the Philippines. No sweat, you can easily go there. Just go to SM Mall of Asia and look for The Eye Ferris Wheel, it's right beside the ride.
Make sure to take a selfie with their classic sorbetes cart out side!:)
 Outside the buffet is a lobby where you can prepare yourself for the food marathon, 
or you may opt to wait for your buddies before entering!
You'll be amaze with the architectural design of the restaurant..That can house up to 500 guest - 600 guest (maximum)  
 Combining a sophisticated look...
 While retaining it's Filipino inspired theme.
 Take a real close with their interiors. Not the usual Filipino buffet set up out there. It's actually like a fancy dining set up!
And oh! Did I tell you that it has the same owner with Yakimix (See review here
And my personal favorite Buffet 101 in Robinsons Magnolia? (See here).
Classic pots and pans for their foods...
 But you know their trademark? The walking "Manong Sorbetero" in the house yow! It's really coooool! :)
This is just "one" of the many sections in their buffet. So let me share you and give a run through on their buffet.
Grilling section. Just ask the chef whatever you want with your fish then viola! All their seafoods comes from Davao everyday!
Like this one!
My favorite section of all!
The "ihaw-ihaw" section. Not actually the usual grilled pork etc. since it's located on the other side, but this side was specifically for the "ihaw-ihaw" only. A classic Filipino street foods! Ofcourse, they are 100% sure with the cleanliness and sanitation of every food that is served.

Here's a closer look! Isaaaaaaaaaaaaaw! Please make sure to try their Isaw! It's really good! My bench mark for the best isaw goes to them. The sauce marbled on the Isaw was really flavorful! No need for vinegar sauce! I had to go back three times four times for these. Don't judge! :P
Pasta station..
Pizza station with a touch of Filipino ;)

*Here's some of the viands in La Fiesta Buffet*
(Please note that these are just parts of the buffet.)

Goto? Lugaw? Mami? Name it!
I found an instant happiness with this one! Own shawarma maker! ahhhhh!!! 
Asked them to put plenty of sauce! nomnomnom!
Forever favorite pulutan: Sisig! Served in a hot sizzling plate!
A closer look! :)
Different kinds of kilawin and Do It Yourself Salad bar
Another must visit section that is only in La Fiesta Buffet: The street food section! 
From fish ball, kwek kwek, kikiam tofu, chicharong bulaklak, nuts and a lot more!
And who can resist this Cebu Lechon on the other side of the buffet?
Or care for some ribs maybe?
If those didn't get you, I'm sure for this one. Lechon de Leche!
Every dish can be paired up with different sauces combination.
Different Juices, Softdrinks and Beer are also available :)
After the meal you can cap your day by cleaning your palate with fresh seasonal fruits...
Halo Halo....
Different Rice Cakes...
Ice cream (Different from the wandering Manong Sorbetero around. hehe :D )
 Another cute sighting in their buffet is the different candies we used to love during our childhood days! Yema, Pastillas, Ube, Polvoron, Banana Chips, etc. Instant Throwback! :)
I am completely surprised to see a fridge full of different desserts! (It was actually full, but a took this shot a bit earlier). You see, since it's a Filipino theme, I don't expect that they have like this one. But my sweet tooth instantly burst out its happiness after seeing these!
While enjoying your food, enjoy the acoustic band singing different OPM songs that plays every Monday-Thursday. Mind you, they are really good! While on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, they have Cultural Show, together with the acoustic band as well. :)
So here's my plate! Make sure to try everything
Try each dish even a small portion at a time! :)

Here's my favorite: 
All tuna grilled items. Everything was fresh and plump! (Especially the Tuna Roe)
Isaw and Other Grilled Items (The sauce smothered in the ihaw ihaw was exceptional!)
Baby Squid in Oil and Garlic | Lengua Estofado | Pansit (really flavorful!) | Fish Fillet (Retains the juiciness inside yet the outer layer was really crunchy!) | Shawarma (The meat has nice texture and meaty flavor) | Lechon (Who doesn't like lechon anyway?) | Puto Bumbong (It's one of a kind! You'll see the difference from others once you taste it. The brown toppings on top! Reaaaaly good!) | Bibingka (Really soft with cakey texture plus salted egg!) | Blueberry Cheesecake (Unlike other buffet who has bland tasting blueberry cheesecake squares, what they have is a prominent taste of blueberry, and yet you can taste the full bodied flavor of the cheesecake) PANALO!! 
*Parang lahat ata sinabi ko na? haha!*

Hungry? Check out these affordable rates! 
Also, Like their facebook page here and share the post to receive instant 10% discount!
Celebrating your birthday? You can eat there for FREE for 7 days! Click the above photo to know more of the details.

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