Cheesy Madness by Chizu!

by - June 17, 2014

I'm sure most of you know how I love sweets! Not to mention cakes and cupcakes! That's why when I received a news for a product tasting for Chizu cupcake I have to admit, I don't know how to react since I'm usually looking forward to the butter cream frosting everytime. But when I opened the box, the aroma of the cheese cupcake tickles my taste buds instantly!
Chizu Cupcake is an online business that offers cheese cupcakes. 
The recipe was a family secret that was pass down from one generation to another.
 It comes with different sizes. The Regular
Box of 12's Php 350
Box of 6's Php 180
  Pack of 3's Php 100
 And my personal favorite The Bite Size   
Box of 12's Php125
    Box of 24's Php250
    Box of 36's Php350
You may find this plain because of its straight forward look. 
But the taste will surely captures your attention!
I love the texture of their cupcake specifically their Chizu bites! It's really soft and moist. I expected it to be "nakakahirin" but to my surprise, it wasn't. The melted cheese on top gives you that indulgence of sweet and salty taste at the same time.
These Chizu Cupcake is a perfect treat for those who are looking for a perfectly cheesy and right-amount-of-sweetness treat. Perfect with a pair of hot coffee! :)

You may reach them thru the following:
Or by these numbers 09175066269 or 09334920088

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  1. Gosh yes. A savory cupcake is not every ones like. Nice sliced with butter in it also?

    1. I agree! This is perfect with semi-melted butter! ❤


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