Visiting Botanical Garden in Baguio!

by - May 08, 2014

So to continue our trip last February in Baguio, part of our itinerary is going to Baguio Botanical Garden. I don't know why I included this, but I guess it's been ages since the last time I visited during my elementary educational tour!
Outside the garden are the natives who can have photo opt with tourists.
What I expected is a flowery garden with different kinds of flowers..
Though it seems that there's not that much on the place, we still enjoyed the cool weather of Baguio.
For those who are looking for pasalubong, different stalls are there for your needs. 
But I've heard from the taxi driver that it's much expensive that the one in Minesview.

Below are the only flowers on that place:

We might be disappointed since it's not what we expected to see something like Sonya's Garden in Tagaytay, 
but the isaw stall is one the nicest isaw we ever tasted!
We surely loved our Isaw experience in Botanical Garden. haha!

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  1. Baguio has the prettiest flowers so going to the botanical garden is a good thing to put in the itinerary ;)


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