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by - May 20, 2014

My prized possession would probably my hair. Truly a crowning glory for all the ladies. Since I was a kid, I want my hair to be smooth, long, and silky. My mom was the only one who likes my hair to get cut so we can be "terno". haha! 
I still remember that day, when my mom forced me to cut my hair to trim the split ends. I cried and cried telling I don't want to have my haircut, but I can't do anything, she's the boss. My cousin told me to stop crying since my eyelashes is longer than that my Mom cut from my hair. True enough, when I looked on the floor, it's really half inch. :o 

Having a long hair gives me the opportunity to do tremendous emote with my hair like these:  

So to cut the long story short, that day forward, I always have a long hair. Until one day, I saw a post from a friend in Instagram, showing her new hairdo. From long hair, to shoulder length hair. I was intrigued when I saw that post and saying that it's a braved thing for her to do that step. To found out that she donated her hair for the Cancer patients.
I googled about that advocacy. Donate Your Hair is a community where they will collect long or short hair (atleast 12 inches / 30 cm long) used in creating high quality wigs for woman and children with Cancer. Natural hair is what they need, because it tends to be hot on their head when using plastics wigs. I was really inspired seeing their advocacy and without any hesitation, I am very much eager to do the same. But ofcourse! I had to curl my hair and do a little "last" selfie with my long hair. HA! :p
I must admit, I am pretty nervous when I was about to get my haircut. But my eagerness to help fighters of Cancer is still intact. Even on a way like this, a part of me can be someone's simple happiness out there. (And I was able to convince my sister to do the same!) :)
So for those  who are interested, simply do these simple instructions below:

Upon donating your hair, your name will be publish and have a certificate on their facebook page like this one:
(sample photo from their website)

Instead of throwing your hair in the salon, why don't you do the same to give hope .. Visit their page here . For those who love to participate but doesn't have enough hair to donate. Money donation is very much appreciated. For more information, you can visit their site @ Donate Your Hair Website

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