Green Pepper at Ketchup Food Community in Baguio!

by - May 08, 2014

All along I thought I already completed the Baguio posts that I should write for my blog, 
to found out that there's still a lot of pending reviews. Sorry! :/ For you to see our escapades, click here
 Green Pepper is the food stop that offers gourmet foods in Ketchup Food Community.
 The most secluded since the dining area is located inside, unlike others where other people from outside can see you while you are eating. Their service was excellent. The crew were pretty nice and friendly! I even felt that they are family to have that closeness.
 Simple lights...
 And interiors that pretty much reminded me of a home. 

We ordered the following:
 Pan Grilled Lamb (350 pesos) - Photo attached. I know, It looks good! But don't just a book by it's cover. The dish was so-so. The flavor needs a major improvement. Almost tasteless. The sauce, has this tangy bland texture. I was also disappointed with the size. It's soooo TINY! I promise you the presentation looks huge, but it's really small. It's full of bones. :(
 Though it was served with side dishes (mashed potato and veggies) 
I felt I ordered a vegetable dish with a meat as a garnish.:(
 Stuffed Chicken Pockets (195 pesos) - It was boyfie's order and boyfie says it's one of the worst dish he ever tasted. It's like a Cordon Bleu basically, wrapped chicken fillet with ham, cheese etc inside. The outside texture was really good! For that alone this might be a high rating. It was crunchy! But the saddest part is the white sauce on it. A generous amount of sauce that almost overflow on his plate that tasted like a Nido. Yes, the Nido Milk! :(
I'm not saying that the dish was super bad. I guess we both expected too much since the price is comparatively higher than Canto that offered us affordable but scrumptious food.  Oh well, not everyday is a happy day! :)

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