Trying out Bronuts in SM Aura!

by - April 28, 2014

When I'm really excited to try this place out, turns out that, it's not what I expected.
 It's a stall located in the Food court in front of Sizzling Plate as you can see. haha!
 Displaying their pretty cronuts on the shelf.
 Look at that tempting luscious croughnuts.
 Plus this intriguing looking one!
 Or how about the girly sparkly version?
 I even saw the toppings on the side
 And these bold cronuts! haha!

 Belgian Chocolate with Salted Caramel - Belgian chocolate with salted caramel candies with bavarian-like filling.
 PMS - Their red velvet version. Red croughnut filled with cream cheese then topped with chocolate
and one triangle of toblerone. This one is the one I liked.
 Blueberries and Cream- Filled with blueberries and thin layer of bavarian
with cream on top that pretty much tastes like vanilla.

I find it all so ordinary. I admit, I've expected too much with what I've read. Pretty much reminded me of Dunkin Donuts on every bite. They were not generous when it comes to fillings, the toppings on top was just okay as well. I'm not sure if they just depreciate the quality or I just had a bad batch. Oh well! Dolcelatte remains on my number one spot! :)

Check out their site here

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