TRY EAT: Ovomaltine LOVE! :)

by - April 17, 2014

It's not surprising to everyone that I love sweets! Sweet Tooth as they say. Always a pick me up would be Nutella. Who doesn't like Nutella anyway? I mean, is there even a Nutella hater? I drooled when I had my first Nutella experience when I was a kiddo. I thought it's the greatest thing ever. UNTIL...
 Ovomaltine appeared in my life! Ahhhhh! I was curious when I saw this Ovaltine looking thingy from my friends from states. Though I'm thinking that it might be just like the Ovoltine candy and Ovoltine chocolate drink I've tasted. But my curiosity level goes up when everyone's saying that it's better than Nutella :o
 And the time has come, when I saw a seller in Robinsons Magnolia selling it for 497 pesos (nahiya pa, hindi pa sinaktong 500. haha!) I was still in the car when I open the bottle, I can resist it. As you can see, texture wise, it's like a Nutella, with itsy bitsy bits of Ovaltine. Don't think that it tastes like the usual Ovaltine drink, take it from me, 
You can pair it with cookies, bread, fruits, or even enjoy it on it's own. Nomnomnom! 
It's so good that We I consumed it in just a day. Please don't judge people. :( HA! :p 

Tetadventurer's Tip: So for those who are wondering, it's available with selected malls out there or stores selling imported goods. In our case, I bought it at Robinsons Magnolia (You can see a stall who sells different imported goods. It's near Yabu). For convenience, it's also available with different online shops popularly in Instagram (Price ranges from 480-550 pesos). PFFFT. But hey, I'll give the cheapest place to buy Ovomaltine! It's just my secret, so it's not a secret anymore. hahah! Cheapest Ovomaltine I saw would be at Cash and Carry Makati for 370 pesos. ;) Do me a favor, taste Ovo and tell me what you think about it! :)

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