Summer Buster Ice Cream @ Cold Stone Creamery!

by - April 08, 2014

FINALLY! Cold Stone!!! Wait! I know it's been here for a long time already, but you know I barely go to these places since it's out of my route. The reason why we went to MOA is because of my recent visit at Ramen Nagi experience.
Cold Stone Creamery is definitely one of the places that I've been meaning to try.
They have a neat and spacious area
Once you see the goodies, you can't wait to order!
Good thing they allow free taste of their ice cream!
I also noticed the wide variety of flavors they have!
You can also customize your ice cream and put assorted toppings!
Or how about these chocolates on top your creation? :)
If you're a first timer like me, you might as well try their signature creations!
They will first do their toss and turn exhibition before mixing the ice cream with the toppings. I've asked this crew if there's an instance wherein they drop the ice cream during the exhibition and he laugh --- "Madaming beses po." hahaha!
Cookie Doughn't You Want Some - This was boyfie's order. I didn't pay too much attention to this one because I am very much focused on my ice cream, but as per boyfie, this was pretty good as well. They didn't skimp on ingredients especially the cookie dough!
Coffee Lovers Only - This is a heaven in my mouth! But instead of coffee ice cream, I opted for their Butter Pecan to pair with the generous amount of toffee, caramel, crushed heat bars and almonds inside! Believe me but by far, this is the greatest ice cream I ever tasted. :o
I really want to have a bucket of this one!!!

Check out their menu:


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