Sinful Pleasures in Magnum Manila @ SM Aura!

by - April 25, 2014

It was our first time going in SM Aura. You know how far it is to our place. We saw lots of food stops that's on my must try place from left to right. I even saw the shoes that I want to wear on my dream wedding. haha! I want to wear my wedding gown together with a gladiator shoes. Why not? Something for a change right? I'm not used in wearing heels, a Gladiator shoes I saw in Zalora to fit my dream dress that I saw here will definitely make "that" day a spectacular one.
Haha, enough of cheesy day dreaming! Going back, I don't usually go far for a review except if it's an event or I'm really curious about a particular place. My newsfeed has been flooded with other blogger's mouthwatering photo! You know I'm such a sweet tooth and I can't resist not going to that place no matter how far it is!
 When we arrived, the line for the Make-Your-Own Magnum is a breeze. 
This line is only provided for those who will order the personalized magnum bars,
 While their dining area is provided for those who will order plated desserts.
 See their interiors? Really elegant! It doesn't seem that it will only last for just a year. 
Yup, you've read it right, this will only last for 1 year since it's only a Pop Up Cafe. So make sure to pay a visit. :)
 So for Make-Your-Own Magnum...
 First, You have to decide what flavor of Ice Cream you will choose. Vanilla or Chocolate. 
(Tip: Select Vanilla flavor to have a clean flavor as your base.)
 Second, Select a chocolate for coating. (White Chocolate | Milk Chocolate | Dark Chocolate)
 Then they will coat your ice cream on their thick melted chocolate..
 Choose 3 toppings for your creation
 Here are some of the toppings
 Mix and Match according to your favorites!
 It will be topped on your Magnum,
 And a final touch of chocolate drizzle.
 A free chocolate Magnum button is another plus for their creation. It's good, and for 100 pesos? 
It's sulit already! The taste depends on your imagination!
But you can also opt for their Pre-Designed Magnum Bars made for you :)
 Red Velvet (250 pesos) - A Red Velvet has a special place in my heart. Their presentation is obviously really nice! 
The red velvet was served frozen perfect pair with their cream cheese on side,
 Plus chocolate drizzle that hardened upon setting on the ice cream. But I think the food color of the Red Velvet was too much. Our tongue turned super red after, but nevertheless, I liked it! :)
 Death by Chocolate (280 pesos) - On the other hand, we didn't enjoy this as much as the Red Velvet. I will not say it's not good, since in all fairness, it's pretty good as well! Chocolate Lava Cake served in a skillet, with gooey center in the middle, topped with Magnum chocolate, rice crispies and Choco Baby chocolates.
 It so good and rich that it turned out to be cloying already. Even I am sharing this with boyfie, we both find it so "nakakaumay" that we don't want to see any sweets after. It's surely a Death by Chocolate experience. Make sure to share it with otherssss!

Overall, it was a great experience but for some reason,  we don't see ourselves coming back for more. :)
Check out their page @

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