Perfect Summer Treat @ Coco Fresh Fruit and Teas!

by - April 25, 2014

Last April 8, I was invited to the launch of Coco's newest offerings! 
Coco Fresh Tea and Juice is the largest milk tea brand all over the world!
From Taiwan where they first originated their brand then spread its goodness to Taiwan, Singapore, 
Thailand, New York etc, and ofcourse, Philippines!
Located in Eastwood, you can easily locate their store with their bright and lively interiors.
 Having a tropical country like Philippines, it's really a great news that Coco released a summer thirst quenchers!
 The store franchise owner also informed us that they will open a branch in SM Fairview and Fisher Mall this April 2014!
It was graciously hosted by Chris Everingham of our very own Philippine Volcanoes. 
Gives us tip on how to stay healthy and active! So let's check out Coco's latest offerings!
 Fresh Lemon and Calamansi with Aloe - I am fond of citrus foods and drinks. That's why it's an instant thumbs up for me! A citrus-y drink with the natural sweetness of the fruit paired with the perfect add ons which is the Aloe. I can imagine myself on a hot afternoon, go to Coco and order this one!
 On the other hand, this Grapefruit & Orange Tea steals the scene to where I should give my number one spot. A freshly squeezed oranges with juicy pulp! There's also that bitter after taste came from the fruit, you'll know it's a real deal!
 While enjoying my drink, boyfie told me that Passion Fruit Tea Burst is his favorite! With a similar taste of lychee, I won't wonder why boyfie loves this so much! You can also see the Passion Fruit seeds that captures our attention, surprisingly, the staff told us that some customers are requesting to put more seeds since it has that "pinipig" texture.
 Pineapple Black Tea Jelly - Plain ol' goodness of Black Tea with bits of Pineapple! 
Yes, as you can see, they really use the freshest ingredients on our drinks!  See? :)
If you wonder, of course Milk Teas are also available for creamy goodness lover like me!
You know how badly I am addicted with Wintermelon that's why I didn't think twice to order PLUS another Salty Cream Wintermelon with tons of additional pudding! nomnomnom! :)
So make sure to check out Coco Tea for you to freshen up this summer! (Sneak some Milk Teas too) Overall, I completely recommend their drinks especially the fruit juices mentioned above. Still, I don't know who took the number 1 spot. I really liked it all. :( Oh well! :)

Check  out their page @

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  1. Coco fresh fruits and teas is one of my favorite, you should also try the Milk teas of Teazone. I'm sure, you will love it too. Cheers!

  2. How much is the investment for franchising coco tea?


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