Movie Review: Non Stop

by - April 11, 2014

I'm the type of person that loves to watch movie, but the only problem is, I'm not that good remembering names! All I know is Nicolas Cage, Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler. haha! I'm familiar with faces but I don't know who's who everytime I'm watching movie. But there's plus one to my list, Liam Neeson!
Who wouldn't know him right? From the breath taking Taken and it's sequel. No wonder that every Liam Neeson movie was a block buster. Did you know that it topped the gross income of the blockbuster Taken and snatched the Top Box Office Slot of all time? :)
The movie is about a plane full of nervous passengers that was being hi jacked! Will he save the passenger? Or he is the hijacker? A lot of twist and turn, and groovy moves from Liam! I didn't even know that he still can move as fast as that one (with or without effects. haha) But nevertheless, this is surely one of my fave movies!

Check out the trailer here

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  1. hello dear! nice meeting you at the cocoteamup event! will let you know when my post is up. more power to your blog! see you around! :-*


    1. Hello Roni! It was nice seeing you again girl! Sure thing! I'll wait for that one. Looking forward to our next meeting! :* :)


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