Comfort Food Goodness at The Porch by Casa Verde

by - April 10, 2014

A place wherein lots of cars and tricycles were just passing by. Suddenly captured my attention as we were about to go to office. Pastel shades and lots of parked cars behind. I know there's something that I have to see on this place.
 We actually didn't expect that a simple road in Anonas will serve great tasting dishes like these. And not knowing that it's owned by Casa Verde. The popular Baby Back Ribs joint in Cebu. (Which recently opened their branch in UP Town Center)
 A homey restaurant with laid back inspired atmosphere. Best time to go here is during night time
to enjoy that relaxing ambiance with your friends and loved ones.
 Al fresco dining is also provided for smokers or for those who want to enjoy the breeze of the air.
 And look at these!
 Love birds will welcome you as you enter the place! :)
 Moving on, why not check out these books on their shelves while waiting for your order?
Or this instagram worthy decors. :P
 Plus flowers and condiments per table is surely a plus points to me!
 Compared from other restaurants, you have to choose your food 
then go directly to their glass window counter and order by yourself and pay.
 Watermelon Salad (168 pesos)- Straight to the point salad with lettuce, watermelon, mango, with dressing that pretty tasted like cream with yogurt with roasted sesame. I loved this one! Though I wished they served it cold.
 Carbonara (200 pesos)- I asked for the best seller, they told me it's carbonara, but upon checking the menu, their spaghetti is their best seller. Hahaha! Oh well, i ordered this one and it's pretty good as well. With generous amount of sea foods plus their creamy sauce. A dash of salt would be a great help as well!
 Brian's Ribs (250 pesos)- Compare to our Casa Verde visit in Cebu, for some reason this tasted way way better. (Though not sure if we just had a bad batch before). Their ribs was glaze-y, soft, and has a little fatty trimmings! And take note their generous amount of serving! :)
Death by Chocolate - I honestly thought this was just ordinary. The reason why I only ordered this one is to satisfy my curiosity since I've heard it's a best seller. Imagine a rocky road ice cream, in a dome shape, with an outer layer of crisp crackling chocolate plus drizzles of chocolate. ITS GOOOOD! That crackling chocolate on the outer layer is the one that surprises me the most! :)

If you're looking for a comfort food, homey ambiance and great service, 
then you have to visit The Porch by Casa Verde. Visit their site @

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