Cafe Sabel @ Ben Cab Museum Baguio!

by - April 17, 2014

After discovering different arts in Ben Cab Museum, we decided to go at Cafe Sabel. 
A cafe inside the museum itself. It's good to drop by to do some stretching and enjoy the place as well. :)
 Cafe Sabel is located at the bottom most part of the building.
 You will surely enjoy the bright and colorful cafe!
 It was quite spacious with free flowing air from outside.
 You can also check their menu for some quick snacks and some good ol' coffee!

Check out their menu:

 Since we just took our heavy lunch at Cafe by the Ruins
But just for experience, We decided to order at least. hahaha! Cafe Latte (110 pesos) - It was okay, bitter sweet coffee that I liked. But it lacked creaminess, IMO. But I do appreciate the simple latte art they made. :) Boyfie's order on the other hand was White Chocolate (110 pesos) - IT WAS AWESOME! The best hot white chocolate that I've tasted so far! The creaminess and sweetness is just oh perfect! The froth itself was made up to melted chocolate. I'm so envy with boyfie's drink! >.<

Check their page @

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