Ben Cab Museum @ Baguio City!

by - April 16, 2014

I didn't realized that I still have pending reviews from our Baguio escapades! I only realized when I was browsing my "To be blogged" folder in my laptop. So here's a continuation! :) We are no art expert but we sure do can appreciate art! :)
 Don't forget to strike a pose on their graffiti wall art outside the museum. :)
 Ben Cab Museum is a popular tourist spot nowadays in Baguio. Created by the genius himself Ben Cabrera . Different contemporary arts can be found inside. It's 3-45 minutes away from Baguio itself. Our taxi meter is around 150+ pesos. Whew! I wished taxi meter here in Manila is just the same as theirs! haha!
Please take note of the following and make sure to follow these reminders.
 But more importantly, here's one tip you should remember if you don't have a car with you. Since it's isolated from the main city (I mean it, it's really far) I advised you asked your taxi driver to wait for you instead. The only chance you can catch a taxi is from those who will visit the museum as well. We've waited 25 minutes for a taxi since there's someone ahead from us. :/

So here's some of the art we've captured:

 This is my personal favorite from all the painting. It looks like a living picture! 

The most controversial from all the section is the Erotica Gallery. From the name itself, images might not be suitable from everyone. It may be offensive to minors and some adults alike.

Ofcourse, we decided to goof around and enjoy different poses! :))

Check out the view outside!
 Make sure to pay a visit when you're in Baguio. It's an experience that will fill your eyes and thoughts with such amazement :)

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  1. Hindi ko alam na may gan'tong place dto sa baguio :-D .. I enjoy your blog. More powers!!

    1. Hey tipz!

      Yup! Though it's a bit far from the local spots in Baguio, paying a visit is worth it! Thanks for dropping by! :)


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