Stacy's at Capitol Green Street

by - March 21, 2014

I've been wanting to go at Stacy's for such a long time. 
Those pastel shades and Cat Kidston theme is irresistible to me!
The pastel shades was really pleasing to the eyes, seems like everything
has Valencia Instagram effect on that place. haha!
Stacy's at Captiol Green Street
The place was packed when we arrived. They offer al fresco dining, but we prefer to wait to be seated inside.
Contrast to what I've read that they have a bad service, 
Luckily, we experienced completely opposite. Their service was excellent.
Look at these adorbs utensils display! :)
Plus those frames and colorful aprons.
Vintage looking decors..
Flower on every table.
And cakes on display! (Spotted: Purple Oven's Choco Lava) haha!
Aside from the usual menu, they have separate for their drinks.
They always served this kyot appetizer of popcorn, mallows, and berry knots. :)
Wild Mushroom Soup (115 pesos) Creamy mushroom with thick consistency makes me love this dish so much! 
Not the usual mushroom soup like pizza hut. This is really good! Must try!
Mac and Cheese (205 pesos) : It was so-so. Remember the microwavable cheese popcorn? Yes it's seems that I'm eating those. (tastewise) I wished they put more sauce. It's too dry

 Hungarian Sausage with Onion, Basil and Tomatoes (215 pesos) It was good but not excellent. The sausage was huge and spicy! I loved when I put the veggies together with the sausage! It was also served with marinara like sauce.
Stacy Jones (215 pesos) : The ever popular tapa. It's good but not excellent "as well". Taste wise, it's like a sweet style longganisa. But I super loved their garlic rice! Really garlicy! Kanin palang ulam na!
Triple Chocolate (98 pesos) : One of the higlight of our entire meal! Also a must try! My tastebuds says it's a chocolate drink (more like chuckie), with chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup and a oreo cookie on top! Onsoroooop! Though I loved the idea having of colored paper straw, it's melting in the long run of our stay.

Here's their menu 
(I wished they changed their menu. Like putting pictures on it. Y'know, like the usual menu. 
They have wide variety of foods and it's a bit hard for customers to see all plain text like that.) :)

Overall, total damage was 900+. We're full, but not satisfied. Will give a 3/5 star rating for the food, 
plus 1 for their interiors plus the popcorn appetizer. :)

Check out their page @

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