One of a kind hotdogs @ Franks Craft Beers at Resorts World Manila!

by - March 24, 2014

When I received an invite from Franks Craft Beers, all I thought is we'll be going to drinking session
because of it's name. But I was completely wrong!
 Franks Craft Beers offers different kinds of hotdogs. From the name "franks" --the sausage itself. 
But wait, it's not your usual hotdog that you can taste from convenience store. It's way way different!
 The place has this laid back feeling. Wooden paneled interiors with dimmed light to match the casino ambiance. (That's why I had a poor lighting of the photos, plus a tight security since we can't take photos having any sight of the casino because of privacy issues, so double sorry :( )
 We were informed that it was just a small hotdog stand in Resorts World
and the players went gaga over their hotdogs and willing to wait to fall in line. 
Funny how they're so creative putting different antics to their walls. Everything is connected with "FRANK"
Like for instance, Frank Sinatra...
And so on.. :)
Different sauce on display! They have Craft Beers too! (as the name implies). 
No picture since it's too high, and I'm too short. hahaha!
Condiments are also available at the counter

So first, check out their menu:
Release the piggy in you and order these sets.
But make sure you'll try these  specials! I'm telling you, it's really good!
Franks Wings *sorry, that spot light is my enemy that time*
Yup! They have Arizona too! :)
Nachos Area
Sausages, Caramelize Onion, Chili Con, etc.
Hot Steamy Buns!
Some of the toppings: Roasted Garlic, Jalapeno, Sour Cream Yoghurt, Bell Peppers, Onion, Radish
Here is the owner, Mr. Scott Sibley. He shared the story behind Franks 
and can you believe it? They produce 1300 hotdogs per day! 
Buffalo Wings - Wingies are really my weakness. :( Any buffalo wings, it's good to me! 
Their version is a light tangy with a hint of spiciness paired with blue cheese!
Nachos - One of my fave as well. Not the usual nachos around the market. This one has that American approach. Generously topped with ground beef, chili con carne, salsa, jalapenos, pickles, avocado puree, and cheese drizzles!
Presenting, their Sausage Specials! :)
Classic Frank Sausage - A juicy and tender sausage with caramelized onions, pickles, mustard, mayo and ketchup. 
A perfect match for those who are looking for bring-me-to-New-York classic goodness!
Chicken Inasal - Yes, you read it right! It's Chicken Inasal! Who would have thought of that idea right? I find it pretty weird and interesting at the same time. But guess what? This is  great contender to my number one spot! It's really good! The smokey inasal taste is surely one of a kind when it comes to sausage, it brings excitement to my taste buds!
Braised Beef Sausage - The beef sausage was flavorful but a bit tough compared to the latter. The reason? It's made up to 100% beef that grind and flavored for hours! It's pretty good, but I can say that it's my least favorite. :)
Chicken and Pork Adobo Sausage - ten ten tenneeeen! My personal favorite that day! Imagine that everyone's favorite Chicken Pork Adobo? Savory adobo flavor, stuffed and turned into sausage, drizzled with mayo and light wasabi then topped with garlic! I can't resist munching on these even I'm so full! It's really gooood! It's the bomb!
Fries, Potato Wedges and Onion Rings are also available.
 Banana Fritters - Pretty much reminded me of the local maruya. Soft hot banana coated with crispy batter, drizzled with dark chocolate and whipped cream on the side. The chocolate drizzle was a dark bitter chocolate. Perfect to end a meal with a sweet treat. Though my only comment is that, I wished they put ice cream instead of whipped cream. The combination of hot steamy banana fritter with cold ice cream is surely a perfect combo! :)

Franks Craft and Beers what can be better for those who are enjoying the games in the casino with some hotdogs on hand? Or simply drop by there if you are looking for different varieties of sausages. Can't wait to go back and taste their specials! -Especially their Chicken and Pork Adobo!

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