Heart Melting Buffet @ Circles - Makati Shangri-la

by - March 05, 2014

You know how we are fond of buffets. EVER! I guess what's only left on our list that we haven't crossed out 
is Circles in Makati Shangrila. Until one day, we received an invite to be at...
 Delights of Delhi. Offering authentic Indian Cuisine prepared by the chefs came straightly from Shangri-la Eros Hotel in New Delhi (Yes, it's just new). So you know that the experts will really prepare it for you.
Can you guess how excited I am on this event? Finally crossing this one on our list!
I was breathless to see their lobby :o
This beautifully created flower centerpiece was created by their in-house florist. 
And look at that chandelier! That alone will surely catch your attention.
And who can resist having a photo op on their elegant staircase?
So going back, Circles currently has an Indian theme where they change atleast every 2 months. 
Even their decorations are on thematic set up too!
 A part of Circles where they offer salivating products to their guests.
 that is good as to go!
And macaronsss!!
Dining Area (just a part of it)
This immediately welcomed us upon entering the place. (Teta, self control. You can do it!!)
Chocolate Fountain and Cakes area.
Japanese Area
Juice and Wines Area
American section area
Mussels, Tiger Prawns, Clams, Lobsters
Anti Pasti Area
Bread Section
Salamis, Home Cured Meats and Nuts..
Peking Ducks in the Chinese Section
Noodles and Dimsum Area
Create your own pasta. (Sorry I forgot to include the pasta in this shot) hehe
Anyone care for this Prime Ribs? I paired this with mushroom gravy. Perfect combo!
One of the prettiest dish that day.

So moving on, there's a little thing happened that instead of Monday schedule,  it was scheduled the week before. So instead of the usual bloggers-get together, we were offered a lunch buffet instead. And introduced us to Indian Cuisine as well.
This is one of the chef came from India.He is Chef Abhinandan Singh. This hands on chef make sure that we had a wonderful experience trying Indian Foods. He explained and told us that some of the spices came straightly from India.
He's pretty nice and even approached us if we liked the food. Thank you so much Chef! Kudos to you! :) 
Too bad we didn't meet the other chef.
Look at the set up! Can you see that colorful decoration at the back? It's amazing!
Different breads...
Vegetables.. These ingredients were mixed together with cream and spices that reminded me
of our own version of pinakbet only without shrimp paste :)
I also loved the presentation of this one!
So let the games begin! I think me and boyfie has a Masters Degree major in Buffet eating. nyahah!

*First and for most, I have to apologize with naming the dishes below. Because to tell you honestly I am afraid try those dishes. Thinking that it would be so spicy or will be so overwhelmed with different spices in a particular dish. But everything changed on that very moment*
(From Left-Right)
Lamb - It reminds me of our kaldereta. In fact, I can't barely taste the difference!
Chicken Curry - Lighty spiced and has the creamy texture with a buttery after taste.
Fish Curry - The one I loved the most! The fish was really soft but not overcooked.
Vegetables - The one I'm saying that tastes like pinakbet. I was also surprised to see okra in their dish! 
Okra may seemed so weird to others, but it's my ultimate favorite vegetable of all time :)
Shrimp Tandoori -  A huge plump shrimp tossed in a salty spicy seasoning. It's addicting!
Flat Bread, Naan, Papadam Breads - Even though we're used to hotel buffets, Again, it's a first time to us. This is a salty thinly made bread, that made us feel that we're just eating a potato chips. But my personal favorite is the Naan bread. IT WAS GREAT!!! Oven baked bread that was really soft and chunky! I can't stop munching on that one! I have a new favorite already

Overall, what I loved the most is the mild kick of different spices that was put in the dish. I was also informed that the chefs adjusted the level of spices that was put in those dishes for us Filipino to enjoy it even more! :)

On the other hand, Mica also offered us to try the rest of the buffet
Indian and Chinese Food in one. Why not chock nut! :P
I will never forget this plate. A plate that differs their buffet from others.
Mussels - As you can see, it was seasoned already. I failed to asked what's on those mussels but it's really good! What we experience from other buffet is that it was just plainly steamed. -_-
Steak - One of the softest I've tried. That sinful lamb with their mushroom sauce is a winner!
Shrimp and Risotto - Their shrimp was seasoned with sea salt plus some lemon. I loved sucking that huge head! :P The risotto was simply divine!
Cheese Puff (?)- I'm not sure with the same, but it's really like cheese puff. hehe :P
Though the only so-so moment to me is the Pesto. I appreciate if it has the strong kick of pesto flavor :)
Their creme brulee was heavenly! Smooth and Milky texture with caramelized sugar on top!
And here's a plate of heaven! They presented their desserts way way better than others.As per Mica, their head chef/s really came from other country. Like on their Pastry, the head chef came from France. I'm a butter cream person. Or anything with cream, icing, filling is absolute approved to me, that's why I felt that kilig factor while devouring these pastries. Really delectable! 
If that picture didn't convinced you, then look at the surprise inside the Vanilla and Strawberry Melba. A white chocolate ball filled with cream, marshmallow, and strawberry inside. The combination of sweet and fruity flavor is phenomenal! And it's just ONE of the variety of choices!

Thank you so much Mica for this heart melting experience! It seems that I met my long lost friend! :)
Hungry enough? Don't forget to drop by at Circles in Makati Shangrila to experience and taste the authentic flavors of Indian Cuisine together with their scrumptious International buffet. And guess what? For those who will dine for Delights of Delhi at Circles, will have a chance to enjoy a luxurious hotel accommodation in Traders Hotel, Puteri Harbour, Johor in Malaysia and Shangri-La’s – Eros Hotel, New Delhi in India. The festival will run from March 3- 14 2014 for Lunch / Dinner Buffet. 

For inquiries and reservations, please call Restaurant Reservations at (63 2) 813 8888, 
e-mail rric.slm@shangri-la.com, or book a table online through www.bit.ly/circles8.

You can also visit their site @

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