Fun Filled Experience! Swan Boating @ Burnham Park! :)

by - March 07, 2014

First time riding a Swan Boat!
But first, I was surprised to see that the entire road were close due to bikers of all ages.
Upon seeing this from a far, I want to run going there! But, someone captured our attention
Ofcourse, who doesn't even know the most popular dog in Baguio? Douglas!
It's 70 pesos for 3 blurred shot. Well, not 3 actually...
We had 1 clear shot! wohoo! Thank goodness! See? We're like a happy family! hahah! 
I'm not sure with Douglas coz as you can see, his eyes says it all. :(
Going back, Seriously, I think this is one of the nicest thing we did in Baguio

There are 2 kinds of boating style in Baguio. One with Paddle (photo above) and Pedal.
And since we are lazy like that, you know that we choose the Pedal. haha!
For 30 mins, you'll pay for 250 pesos (If I remember it right)
It was fun! I don't know if I'm just mababaw but I had a great time! The breeze of the cold wind touching our skin while pedaling. One of a kind experience if you're gonna ask me.

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