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by - March 19, 2014

We received an invite for a Filipino tasting event by Grilla Filipino Cuisine. To be honest, I haven't been to Grilla. All I know is that they have that gorilla signage attached on their name. That's why I didn't think twice attending the said event.
Grilla has now a new modernize look! 
Sophisticated and stylish Filipino theme. Because of their 16th year in the business, they’ve decided to add exciting new twist to their Filipino dishes.
First and foremost, they introduced us their newest offerings!
Chef Mike created different concoctions with their liqueurs. But since we still have our work after that event, 
we didn't tried it. But for those who are interested, check these out!
Dalandan Liqueur (photo above) Calamansi Basil Liqueur
 Tarragon Liqueur
 Rosemary Liqueur
Cinnamon and Brown Sugar Liqueur
First of, we were served a complimentary plate of this cracklings! :D
Followed by this cute appetizer sample composed of the following: 
Chicharong Cebu, Tofu and Sigarilyas Sisig, Pork BBQ and Salted Egg triangles.
To break down those 3, this is the actual serving size of Chicharong Cebu (160 pesos) | Carcar Cebu - Thin slices of pork fried to perfection paired with vinegar but I would personally prefer this to be saltier.
Pork BBQ & Salted Egg Triangles (P185) | Manila - This should be on your must try! One of my favorites! Diced Pork BBQ, with bits of salted egg in a crispy wrapper! The combination is surprisingly good!
Tofu and Sigarilyas Sisig (145 pesos) | Apali Pampanga- On the other hand, this is a so-so for me. 
But it's surely a great alternative for those who likes a healthier kind of sisig. :)
Inihaw na Manok na Sinampalukan (225 pesos) | Pampanga- Don't let this plain looking dish deceived you! But it's another must try in Grilla! I was curious when I read this one the list. Imagining a grilled chicken on a hearty sour sinagang soup? AWESOME! The grilled flavor of the chicken blended really well with the sinigang soup. ANG SARAAAP! :) I only wished Grilla would change the presentation of this one to give justice on this great tasting dish! *wink*
Ilocos Dinuydoy (P135) | Ilocos – I really loved vegetables that's why this mashed squash with Bagnet is another thumbs up for me. The mashed squash (for some reason) tastes like seafood! Plus the blanched salted ampalaya makes the color of this dish livelier!
Inadobong Tilapia sa Gata at Sili (P225) | Morong Bataan- I swear, I wanna take this home so bad. :( Who would have thought that you can level up your dish like this? The full bodied sharp flavor of adobo sauce with creamy gata is an excellent way to brighten this fried Tilapia and makes you want to order a another cup of rice!
Lechon Liempo ala Cebu (P850/kilo) | Cebu - "I don't have to go to Cebu!" That's what instantly entered my mind upon tasting this! Remember when we compared Zubuchon and CnT Lechon? And fell inlove with CNT's Lechon? This is exactly what I tasted. --or close! That salty yet flavorful piggy is having a party in my mouth! Though boyfie noticed that some parts were extremely salty while others are just okay. I also wished that the skin would be crispier. BUT!!! I must say, this is my favorite dish of the entire night! :)
Poqui Poqui - A classic Ilocano dish that was made with eggplant and eggs. 
Beef Kansi (345 pesos) | Bacolod - This 5-6 hours braised beef pretty reminded me of our Chinese Food in the household, Sibut! The only difference is the spicines it has because of the ginger.
Grilled Palayok (695 pesos) | Balisin - I guess this is the star of the night. It was served on a steaming hot palayok. Get ready to be surprise with these variety of goodies! Mussels, Maya Maya, Shrimps, Clams, Pork and to my surprise, thinly sliced beef! :o Interesting that you have to choose what you want, put in a small bowl, garnish with mango and sinamak, then pour with piping hot Lemon Grass soup.
Halo Halo Spring Rolls (135 pesos) - Unlike the usual fried halo halo we've tried, I loved this! It was generously filled with halo halo ingredients and wrapped thinly, that made us devour this dish even more!
The usual bloggers event scenario :P
Mr. and Mrs. Chito and Lizzie Guerrero who explained their history. They started Grilla way back 1998 with its first branch in Antipolo City. Thank you so much for the invite! We really had a great time! :)
Chef Redd Agustin - Explained every dish he prepared for us. Noticed the places I've mentioned per dish? He told us that each dish represents different places all throughout the Philippines.
What I also love with this gathering is meeting wonderful friends! 
Say Hi to my new found friend, Jam of Lady Lagalag. :)

Hungry enough? Check out Grilla's wide variety of menu

If you are looking for a place to enjoy Filipino foods in an extraordinary way, or simply want to have a good time with friends and family, better visit Grilla Filipino Cuisine and check out their offerings! :)

Check out their page @

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