Eat all you CAN at Genji M with Unlimited Sashimi, Sushi & Rolls

by - March 11, 2014

Look at this colorful goodness? Do you know that you can have these UNLIMITED?! Yes!
 But before that, let me introduce you to...

Genji M - Opened last Oct., 2013. Originally Far Eastern Asian Cuisine targeting 
Koreans and Japanese with its main menu of Tuna Sashimi.(Landmark: It's right beside St.Giles Hotel and City Garden Hotel in Kalayan/Makati )
Now, they don't just offer unlimited sushi, sashimi and rolls but they make sure that they are targeting Filipino taste buds as well
 My favorite place at Genji. They have Sakura flowers inside! :")
 Even the tiniest details with their interiors were carefully selected.
 For those coming in groups, they also have private rooms that you can all by yourself!
 Genji M also has innovative menus combining traditional Japanese with Korean foods 
such as Bulgogi maki, Samgyubsal sushi and Kimchi Maki
Busy chefs doing their creations
 Here's the sample!
 Main Chef, Mr. Park has been in the restaurant business for more than 15 yrs and has introduced variety of new menus such as fusion makis, rolls, and sushi
 We were first served with their salad. I can't stop munching over these! I loved the asian dressing it has!
 Kimchi Salad - I was so busy taking photos of the sushis and I forgot to taste this one. My baaad! :(
Assortment of sushi
 Octopus, Sashimi, Tuna, Salmon, Lapu Lapu! I am self confessed picky when it comes to these, because I don't want those fishy after taste I experienced from others. But surprisingly, Genji M has this fresh and clean taste!
 Did I mention that they also have rolls?
 We are so blessed that they allow us to order everything for us to taste. :)
 Bibimbap Rolls - My favorite! It truly captures the real tastebuds of Filipino! There's a sweet and full bodied flavor of the meat!
 Crab Sticks- The grains of rice is equally fat with the crab sticks! HA! :D
And the paparazzi award goes to.......ten tene neeen! He's like a celebrity when all of us 
were taking pictures while he's torching the SPAM!
Yes it is! Who can resist SPAAAAAM? One of my favorite (as usual). There's distinct taste of grilled taste in every bite! And look how they are generous with their toppings!
The owner of Genji M, Mr. Sam Lee who explained us the success behind his restaurant,  is an expert in Corporate Social Responsibility Consulting (his Main Job) plans to hold fundrasing nights every month at Genji M for local NGOs What I loved most is to create a Genji M franchise to be a Sushi place with Wheel Chaired Handicap people as Chefs. Waaay to go! :)
 Variety of liquor suh as Korean Soju, beer, sake, wine, and etc., are available at Genji M. 
 Forgive me, but this is really a cutie!
 New found friends! Sumi of The Purple Doll and Renz of A Not So Popular Kid. yay! 
It was nice meeting you guys! :) *ehem, and ofcourse, boyfie is present! haha! :")

Here's their menu:

 So here it is guys! Just simply print this coupon and tell them you found it at tetadventurer blog  and you'll receive 250 pesos worth of free meal. One coupon per person, so if you are coming in 2, make sure you print out 2 coupons and so on. Promo last until they reach 10,000 worth of coupon redemption. What are you waiting for? :)

Visit their website @

or their Facebook page @

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  1. EXTREMELY bad service DONT go! bIAS bloggers!

    1. Well, it's sad to hear about your experience, and believe me, you're not alone because I've also heard from others that they really had a poor dining experience. But please take note that one experience may be different from others. Not just in Genji but in other restaurant as well. What we are saying is that, we had a great experience "during that" visit which may differ from yours. I think the owner already had a heads up on the customers feedback. Thanks for dropping by anyways! :)

  2. Hi can I still get the free coupon?

    1. Hello Julian, I think their coupon is good until May 31st. But with regards to the number of vouchers that should be up to 10,000 coupon redemption, that's what I am not sure of. But just to be safe, you may contact Genji on the number indicated above. Hope it helps! :)

  3. OM~ can't wait to eat here T_T you blog! your photos~! made my craving more powerful than evah! they are so mouth watering~ may i know what camera you are using? :D Thanks!

    1. Hello HyunA CL!

      You'll surely love those foods! Especially the colorful rolls! :) The camera that I'm using may vary. Sometimes I use Canon EOS or my handy Sony Cybershot TX10 since I travel a lot. Thanks for dropping by! :)

  4. Looks like a great. Thanks so much for sharing with us!


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