Creepy? Visiting Laperal Hotel in Baguio. :)

by - March 07, 2014

Oh yes! It's the popular Hunted House that was featured gazillion times in TV!
We visited the place for around 10 minutes and I found out that it's not Hunted House anymore.
It's considered as a tourist spot already in Baguio.  
An entrance fee of 50 pesos per head which I'm thinking if it's really worth it.
As we enter, I asked the lady if there's aircon inside. Hahahah. Epic fail. Why? It's really really cold inside! It's different from the temperature outside. A cold breeze welcome us as we enter. I guess it's a ghost.
It's not actually scary. The place was turned into a wooden craft display that was made by the locals. It's amazing!
Though the lighting makes the place a lot creepier! :P
Noticed the white part over there? awooooooo. Naahh! Just the sunlight coming from outside.

We even had that wonderful opportunity to have a picture with the President. hahah!
Even the smallest detail were carefully made.

There's a shop where you can buy souvenirs, and they also offer a wood carving demonstration.
The second part is the "scary one" ---NOT! 
There's a 3 rooms with plain bed each. What's so scary about that?
I guess because of the plain wooden interiors and the news in the TV.
Funny how to kiddos scream everytime they enter the room.
The popular spot in Laperal where everyone usually strikes a pose. I guess we should pose in a dramatic way. hahah!
I don't know if our 50 pesos entrance per head were sulit. haha! Oh well, part of the list! :P

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