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by - March 20, 2014

PROJECT PIE! Better late than never! I told myself before that I wouldn't go far 
with their branches coz I know one day will come, we will meet!
And this is the day! Project Pie in Eastwood! :)
 Americanized ambiance, metal and wooden panel interiors with bright red and black theme.
 It was a first time for us not to seat on couches even it's available. It's really coooold there!
 And plus some graffiti wall.
Really really cool sightings! kyot! :)
 Unlimited drinks!
 First, you have to choose your pizza. Build-Your-Own or Order by Number.
 Stuff it with toppings (for custom made pizza)
 Or asked them to put any toppings that you like. We regret bigtime that we didn't stuffed our pizza like the man after us that layered his pizza with gazillion toppings on his pizza! I think it's about 2-3 inches toppings high! :o I guess that's the reason why the crew asked us if we are first timers? Hmmm. tsk tsk. Sayang! Anyway, we'll surely comeback for our revenge! hahaha!
 Vegetables and Nuts...
Their service was excellent! Though there's a bit of confusion with our order (Our fault actually) still, I loved their service. They are super friendly (look how jolly their crew was!) but not in irritating or super close manner. Contrary to what I've read, Project Pie's crew were polite and friendly. :) Our order came really fast too! Why? We are the 2nd customer that time. yay! We arrived around 10:30 am, and the place was really jam packed at 11:00! SUPER! So if you want to enjoy and maximize your stay, better visit on off-peak hours.

We ordered the following:
 Pizza Number # 5 (285 pesos) - Mozzarella, Ricotta, Gorgonzola, Parmesan, Cracked Black Pepper, Olive Oil, Garlic, Fresh Chopped Basil = SOLD!! I love the blending of cheeses with the drizzle of olive oil, it's a one light satisfying pizza for me! Though I wished they'll be more generous with the basil!
 Build your own Pizza (285 pesos) - Boyfie was so creative to have his unique combination of ingredients! --NOT!!! He created a all meat pizza! Nakakaloka! But in all fairness, it was good! Not the usual meat from other pizza parlors. I guess because all of their ingredients were really fresh.

Banana Nutella (145 pesos) - I MUST TRY DESSERT PIZZA that's what I had on my mind. Haha.Though I'm very particular with cinnamon since I don't loyk it, I asked them just to put a bit of cinnamon, generously drizzled with Nutella, plus slices of banana, tell me, who can say no?
 Peanut Butter Nutella (145 pesos) - This was mistakenly given to us. Because of confusion, they doubled our order up! We saw the sadness in their eyes, and ofcourse, I'm afraid that it might be a salary deduction from them, I told them I will take it instead. Atleast I have pasalubong for my neice and nephew at home! :)

Overall, I'm thinking that it's kinda pricey for a small super thin crust pizza for almost 300 pesos each? But surprisingly, we really enjoyed everything. The freshly made dough, ingredients, and the experience! Contrary to others, our dough was not burnt at all. I guess they mastered it already and not to serve a sunog one. haha!

Check out their menu:

 This place is my new comfort zone! Will surely visit the place one of these days :)
Check out their page @

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  1. That 2-3 inches toppings of Pizza is it also @ 285 php?
    What's the standard size of their pizza? 12 inches?

    1. Hello Edward!

      Yes, their pizza dough is 12' inches in size. The 2-3 inches of toppings I saw from the other customers were 285 pesos as well. Since it's toppings all you can, they stacked their desired toppings as high as 2-3 inches. Our bad since what on our mind is the classic layer of pizza when in fact, we can also do the layers of toppings just like them for having the same price! hehe! :)


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