Bell Church at Baguio City

by - March 03, 2014

Who would have thought that this is still in Baguio?
It seems that we are transported to China! hehe
This is the entrance going to Bell Church. I suddenly remember those days that I am fond of
 watching Chinese shows when I was a kid.
It pretty much reminded me of Taoist Temple in Cebu. But I guess this place is nicer. 
The red painted surroundings was so sharp that makes the place a lot livelier.
This is the main building of the entire place.
Different statues..
With different characteristics too!
The red, green and yellow environment was really pleasant to the eyes.
Oh and btw, there's no entrance fee. But please maintain the cleanliness and respect the temple of our fellow Chinese. :)
Also a small water fountain in the middle. Funny how there's a sign stating "This is not a wishing well" hehe!
Different Chinese structures
See that building on top? Yes you still can go there, though we both didn't try
since we don't have much time left for our next agenda.
It's really a nice place for a photo op too! :)

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