An Extremely Adorable Cafe! SHP Bibimbab Cafe and Restaurant

by - March 02, 2014

The most wonderful yet ANNOYING Place I've been to. Why? Read on.. :(
 SHP Bibimbab is a Korean Cafe located in Vito Cruz Malate Manila. You know how far this place to our location but I'm really eager to try that place especially to see their gigantic teddies! Ride any transpo going to Taft then asked the driver to bring you down at Vito Cruz. To be exact, in DLSU St. Benilde. Ride a pedicab since they're more familiar with the streets coz the place is really hard to find. Asked the manong to bring you at 980 P. Ocampo Street or go to the blue building named Mervin Terraces.
 It is located in the second floor of the said building. We were welcomed by a loud "ANNEONG HASEYO" greeting. Seriously, I was shocked how joyful their crew was! But in the long duration of our stay it's really annoying already. Why? You'll see :(
 The place was really pretty! A korean kawaii place with lots of cute stuffs and giant size teddies!
 It was spacious and pleasant to the eyes.
 How cool is the 2nd floor cubes? Perfect place where you can have privacy chit chats with friends.
 This place is for everyone! Even for the forever alone guests are welcome! 
You'll have an instant date with a cuddly teddies! :)
 Place for small group
 Or even a larger group
 But if you don't like the idea of sitting down on the floor, comfy chairs and tables are also available.
 And have you noticed their different wall decals?
 You will surely flood your Instagram for the place alone!
How can you say NO to this one?
 Or might as well,their most popular teddy bear?

 Washing Area
 And some souvenirs items too!
Though I want to commend them for their cute restroom,  it was clean but a smelly one. >.<
 Their service? It sucks bigtime! The crew even watching boyfie with his thingy on his gadget. I haven't see ANY service like that, He stayed there for 3-5 minutes while he's bugging boyfie doing his stuff. That's why I was able to take a picture since I can't get inside our cube because he's blocking my way. I don't have issue on this, I can let this pass.

So what made our stay even worst?

  • I was taking pictures of the place since I will feature it on my blog while I asked boyfie to check their menu. The lady was giving me the menu and I told her "Sige Ate, pakibigay na lang ho sakanya" (referring to boyfie) then She told me: "Ay bakit? Hindi ba kayo kakain dito?" Duhhhh. Ano nagpunta lang ako dito para mag picture? Pfffft.
  • I'm at the counter ordering for our food and waiting for my change then another crew asked me "bat nyo pinipicturan yan?" In a manner and tone that I didn't like.
  • The most irritating of all. Their server (A particular server) was annoying. I understand that they must serve in a joyful exaggerated manner but it's too much. He's literally at my side and shouting "HERE'S YOUR ORDER MAM!". Take note that they served our food one by one, and keep on shouting every time. A little consideration please! "That" feeling that they don't have manners at all. My face is literally like this: >:| 

Okay now, let's just talk about their food.
Limited selection of foods. Ramen, Rice Meals, Korean Rolls, Cake and Shakes. At first we ordered the following:
 SPAM Gimbab (120 pesos): I loved this one! It's like a California Maki roll with SPAM, mango, veggie inside. 
What I loved is the mild saltiness of the rice rolls. Sarap!
 Beef Bibimbab (170 pesos): Served with their soup that tastes like crab meat!Topped with different veggies and beef strips. Though I didn't know that there's a hot sauce in the middle. hahah!
 Cookies and Cream (160 pesos) and Java Chip (160 pesos): We literally wasted our money on this one. It's almost tasteless. Can't barely taste the Cookies and Cream or the Java Chip flavor. The shakes from the street side is much better. Though I must say, they served this one on Mason Jars. Cute!
 Chocolate Caramel Cake (150 pesos): Appearance wise, I thought it's dry. 
But surprisingly, it's really moist and chocolatey!
 I can't control myself. Sorry! haha!
 And I found a new date too! :P
 And also boyfie! :P
 I really thought that I will be the ULTIMATE one that will enjoy the place. 
But look! hahahahah!

Here's their menu:

I want to give them a high rating, but I really can't. Their service sucks. :( 
But to close this review, again, this place is really nice! Just don't mind the servers like I did. 

Check their page @

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