A Charming place in Baguio: PNKY Cafe

by - March 03, 2014

PNKY Cafe is surely a place for good food, and a great chats!
(Sorry for the blurred shots, I didn't noticed that one during that time :( )
 A lovely small cafe dim, lighted surrounding with different interesting stuffs inside.
 Their interiors were carefully selected to provide a crafty ambiance.
Look at their tissue paper holder! :)
 I've heard some of the items in the place are also for sale.
And oh! They have a small cozy sofa where you can have a photo op :P
  They have al fresco dining which actually looks romantic especially at night. With their curtains, 
colorful lights and candle, only if you can handle the cold weather. :)
 For sale condiments
 Their service was satisfactory. Their service was prompt from the time we entered the place, ordering our food and billing out. Very accommodating with our needs. They immediately served us with cold water.

We already had our dinner but since we want to crossed this one on our list, no choice.
 Pompei Pesto (195 pesos) It's basically a pesto with vegetables. I'm really surprised since it's the first time for me to see a pesto with veggies. The veggies was quite good! It was plainly blanched and lightly seasoned with salt. The pesto itself was ok. It's not that oily which I like, but I'm still looking for that oomph factor for my pesto.
Ciao Bella Carbonara (185 pesos) Taste wise, it's good! Especially the flavor of the meat. Though Boyfie's concern is that, the sauce didn't incorporated well with each other. You'll still see the small bits of cream on the pasta.
Creme de la Crepe (110 pesos) THIS.IS.AWESOME! It's an ube crepe filled with yam and cream with coconut shavings, whipped cream and honey on the side! This is sulit! Make sure you'll order this one if you visit PNKY! It's a must try! Though I wished they will plate this one on a different way. It reminds me of centipede with those spiky lines. hehe! :O

Here's their menu:

 And they also have this small wooden luggage with our receipt. kyot! :)
The PNKY is at front of Laperal White house. Make sure you'll visit this place. Especially their crepe! :)

Check their site @

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  1. too bad, they are already closed

  2. visited yesterday. October 18, 2014 :(

    1. Whaaaaat?? :(( That's so sad to hear Camille! Is it closed for good already? Darn, I can't wait to try their Crepe pa naman! >.<


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