Valentine's Dinner @ Hill Station

by - February 21, 2014

Valentines Dinner with boyfie! :) I've googled a lot and I found out that this is the best Restaurant in Baguio! 
And I actually made a reservation a week before since I knew that everywhere will be fully booked.
 The signages of Hill Station
 Entrance of Hill Station
 Hill Station is a restaurant that can be found in Casa Vallejo
 A pathway before the "main" of the restaurant. There's also customer dining along the pathway.
 Cakes on their display
 Wine and Bar
 Frames on display
 We were shocked when we arrived the place, it was cramped! I thought it will be a quiet and romantic night but since there's a performer (Korean Superstar) that serenades the guest, As much as I want to appreciate the place, I can't. It's really noisy. I guess it's because we are literally in front of the performers. Though I don't give the blame to them. It's just that, it's not the one that I pictured on my mind. 
 Their Valentine's Day Menu. The service was satisfactory. They ushered us to our table as soon as we arrived. Though the food came more than 30 minutes late (but they gave us the wrong order) so another 10 minutes for our correct order.
 Table set up

We ordered 1 of their valentine set meal (950 pesos) while boyfie ordered ala carte 
since he don't appreciate salad and soups.
 Greak Salad with fresh lime and cilantro dressing - Topped with tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, 
black olives, egg and feta cheese. I liked it! Refreshing and crisp veggies.
 Creole Oyster Soup - Clear soup that's really tasty and flavorful.
 Fillet Mignion Sansho Pepper Butter - I had this as medium well, and it was juicy! Flavor wise, it can be improved. Served with creamy pasta that complemented with each other.
 Moroccan Spiced Baby Back Ribs (445 pesos) - It was boyfie's order and also the down fall. It was soft but the meat itself was dry. Tends to be a bubble gum in our mouth. really needs improvement. We regret ordering this one.
 Ice Cream Palette (180 pesos?) - The saving grace!!! If for this dish alone, I will give this a 5/5 star! Salted Caramel (which is super awesome, Chocolate (that has a clay texture but tastes like Mud Pie, wonderful!), Roasted Coffee (with chunks of chocolate chip), Mango Rum (sweet and creamy) and Cinnamon (no comment, I don't eat cinnamon)
 Duo Chocolate Fondue - White and Chocolate dip served with strawberries. I liked the chocolate. 
Brings back childhood memories!
My wonderful and forever date. *kesooooo* haha!

I'll give Hill Station another try when I visit Baguio, and ofcourse the Ice Cream Palette! :)

Check out Hill Station @

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