CookieBar! The Perfect Gift Idea :)

by - February 19, 2014

Before Valentine's Day, I'm having a hard time what to give to boyfie since we celebrate it with something sweet or mushy. haha! We don't usually give expensive gifts during Valentine's Day coz we believe that it should be for Birthdays or Christmas. :) Guess what? I finally found the best gift for boyfie! :)
 Cookie Bar or Cookie Bar Manila is a home based business by Ivory Acosta. It was featured not just in blogs but in magazines and televisions alike. I can't helped myself drooling over their scrumptious post in Instagram. I ordered a week before since I know there's a lot of cheesy people like me that will order her goodies for Valentines. :)
 Here's the adorbs space of Cookie Bar.

Check out their different products:
 Classic Cookie Cups: Hershey's Morsels | Caramel | White Chocolate | Chocolate Fudge | Mallows | Peanut Butter
Premium Cookie Cups: Kinder Bueno | Reese's | Milky Way | Malteser's | Mallow Hersheys | Twix | Ferrero Rocher
 They recently released a new product called Stuffies. A soft cookie that has a sweet surprise inside :)
Cookie Cake! A cake and a cookie in one! Inside the cake is a generous amount of chocolate chips in every bite. It's not the tiny chocolate chips, it's a chunky chocolate goodness! You can opt to have a marshmallow on top with fondant letters if you want. And that gives me an idea for my Mom's birthday this week! yay!

So I decided to order a combination of Classic Cookie Cups and Premium Cookie Cups 
(425 pesos) and additional 5 pesos for every fondant letters :)
 This is a sweet valentine for boyfie indeed! Literally! The cookie cups got a little bit messy since I wrapped it in plastic so he will not see it, but he shaked the box! >.< Good thing it's not obvious! haha!
 Roasted Mallows
 Chocolate Morsels
 White Chocolate
 Peanut Butter
 Milky Way
 Reeses! AHHH!! Personal favorite! How I love the Reeses with the cookie cups!
 Hershey Mallows
 Kinder Bueno
  I saw his smile all the way up his ear when ha saw the cookie cups! :) 

The Verdict? I loved the soft yet chewy cookie cups Cookie Bar has. I pretty much remember Mrs. Fields Cookie with what they have. Only that it has bigger chunks of chocolate kisses! ahhh! Heaven! Really an indulgence! It's a perfect gift for someone, share with friends, surprise for a loved one, or simply munch these babies by yourself. 

You can check CookieBar's site @
Website :
Facebook Page:

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