Revisited: Craft Coffee Revolution

by - February 05, 2014

Remember the first time I fell inlove with Craft Coffee? (See previous post here). I dragged my friends after a birthday celebration, since I told them that their coffee (especially latte arts) were exceptional! :P
 See how fond are they with latte arts? haha! I specifically asked the crew to create different latte art for us. And they are really game to our request. P.S: We were seated at their veranda, so expect a low light/low quality photos :)
 Caffe Mocha (160 pesos)- For some reason, it doesn't tasted like the one I had before. It lacks creaminess and sweetness. But the peacock were awesome though! :P
Angel Latte Art :)
 Heart Latte Art - Funny how my friend complain to me that it looks like a baby butt! hahahahah!
 Swan Latte Art! :)
 We're debating what latte art is this one. Sorta like a clown? A lady? What do you think? :)
 We had their Sansrival. Funny how it doesn't taste as awesome as before. :( I guess it was served not that cold?
 But this is the winning piece! BEHOLD! Frozen Brazo de Mercedes. Just to be clear, I'm not a fan of Brazo de Mercedes. Even there's a Brazo Cake at home, I'll skip it. To think that I'm a cake lover! But not this one! A friend told me that it's off the menu, and I'm so glad I've tasted this one! It really good! The first thick layer seems like an Ice Cream, with thin layer of Brazo de Mercedes filling with fluffy layer on top. Take it from me, Sarap! :) 
Craft is definitely a place where we can enjoy great coffee plus a good ambiance for conversation 
and simple bonding with friends. Plus their latte art (ofcourse)! :P

Check their page @

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