Quick bite @ Unlce Cheffy!

by - February 07, 2014

I remember the first time we tried Uncle Cheffy and celebrated our Valentines day, (See post here), I fell inlove instantly! The ambiance, the service, and definitely the foods! So when we passed at their Greenfield District branch, we decided to grab a quick bite.
 Boyfie always likes to seat even I'm not yet done taking pictures >.<
 The stairs going up is closed that time. If you're looking for the menu, check the previous post, everything is there. :)
 Pesto - I'm a lover of Pesto and you know that. My taste buds has a mastery with pesto already. hihi! :P It's not actually on their menu, but when I asked the server, they told me that it's off the menu. Tastewise, it's just OK :( Not actually satisfied with this one. Not sure if I just had a bad batch, but it can be improved. I can easily get disappointed when it comes to pesto. I really have high hopes. My ultimate favorite pesto in the one in Spiral and Cibo. Can you give me suggestion on where to find great tasting pesto?
 All Meat Barbequed - Who can resist brick oven pizza with oozing cheese? I love to roll it, roll it! :P
Tiuey Noodle - Asian fried noodles with beef, asparagus, and cilantro. Taste wise, it's something new to our tastbuds, it was thick and flavorful. Saucy lovers will surely like this! Though my only concern is that, the pasta was over cooked (same as with pesto). Really hoping to have another great experience here with Uncly Cheffy :(

Check their menu @

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