PERSONAL: Chinese New Year 2014! :)

by - February 07, 2014

Now, I've decided to share you some of the occasion happening at home my dearest readers. 
As you can see, I tagged it under the "Personal" tab so I can share you a part of me once in a while *naks! :)
Every Chinese New Year / New Year, we always have 13 fruits. Not 12. Why? They said that if you have 12 fruits, it's equivalent to 12 fruitful years, but if 13, its more than beyond that. HA! :p Plus other lucky thingies.
 And little statues + Rice + Water + Coins
 Plus another round of fruits. 

We always do potlucks on our occasion aside from the official handa.
 Penne with Sausage and Chili in Tomato and Basil - This was cooked by my sister and the block buster of the night. Creamy tomato base penne pasta, with slices of spicy Hungarian sausage! 
 For Long Life
 Daddy's Kaldereta - Never been absent! Even our visitors were requesting my Dad to create this dish :)
 Chinese Kikiam by Daddy
Laing - Since it's our first time that my relatives (non-chinese relatives from my Mother's side) 
joins us in celebrating CNY and had their potlucks as well :P
Kare Kare with Beef Tripe
 Grilled Chicken. They say that Chicken is Bad Luck for Chinese New Year, but I guess this is an exception to us! hahaha! 
 Steamed Fish
 Broiled Chicken Belly!
 Special Nachos by yours trully! Naks!! hahaha! This is something that I'm good at! :)
 My PMS buster! Mangga and Alamang!
 Potato Apple Salad
 Buko Pandan that I wasn't able to try. :(
 Red Velvet Cake by Honeybee. See previous post here. This was my ambag since I'm the one who always buy our cakes. I think that this is the perfect Chinese New Year cake for us. Why? Look at the picture, chinese na chinese! haha! But tastewise, it's a bit dry for our liking. :/
Here's my groovy 90 year old lola with my brother.
Kuya Ian: "Lola, Japan Japan tayo"
Lola: **poses**
Kuya Ian: "Lola, Japan Japan, hindi seventy-seven!" 

(got it?) hahahah! MEAN! :p
Mom, Dad and my niece Athena
With my Sister
With my nephew Gian
And my Mom!
 Lola with her great grandchildren :)
Relatives from Mother's Side
My Dad really likes wacky shot! haha!
And ofcourse with boyfie! :)

Hope you had fun "atleast" with my personal post. haha! More to come! Cheers! :)

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