Panaderia Pantoja now invades Manila! :)

by - February 10, 2014

60 year Anniversary of Panaderia Pantoja and I got invited with other fellow bloggers! :)
 The place is a small panaderia shop located in Makati, well actually, they have 6 different branches in Metro Manila but they are the pioneer in Batangas and widely known with their Pandesal, Jacobina, and Paborita and all were handmade.
I told my Dad that I will be going to the said event and surprisingly, he knows about the Panaderia Pantoja. Older generations were pretty much aware with this brand ever since. Unlike other panaderia, they offer wide variety of breads from sweets, savory and gourmet breads as well
They offered us all of their product. What I noticed from all of their bread 
that I haven't seen from others is the softness of their bread, swear bear, it's really awesome.
And Oh, and they also supply breads with different places such as St Lukes, Rowena's etc. 
The coolest part? Some people will hoard their products and bring it to States!
 Before we start the munching session, the owner himself Mr. Anthony Pantoja gave us introduction about their product. This is actually the third generation of the Pantojas who continues the family owned corporation. It's really nice that I can see the genuine-ness and the warmth welcome/feeling they showed us during our entire stay. Even boyfie felt the same way. :)

Here are the some of the few things we were able to try. 
(As much as we wanted to try everything, we're literally stuffed after!) :P
 Jacobina and Paborita - One of the most popular product of the Pantojas. Thinly made cookie crisp that was served with cream cheese and basil! It was really good! I can't stop munching over these things. It's like a potato crisp in a healthier way.
 Bacon and Cheese | Ham and Cheese | Tuna - It was not that hot when it was served but the softness is still good! It was generously filled as well. While the Toasted Siopao? First I thought that it lacks filling, but boyfie apologizes and he said that he ate all of the filling and gave me his left over I told you, they're not typical panaderia :)
 Malolos Special with Golden Duck Eggs - THIS.IS.AWESOME! It was insanely soft! Generously topped with butter, cream, cheese plus thick slices of Salted Eggs straight from Gawad Kalinga. I personally noticed the thick slice of that salted egg. It's actually an organic egg that's why you really can taste the difference. No malansa after taste.
 Dulce de Leche - Boyfie's personal favorite! A soft ensaymada-like bread topped with 
caramel sauce with hefty amout of grated cheese.
 Inipit | Brownies | Crinkles  - I loved the Crinkles and Brownies a lot! It was fudgy, moist and chocolatey! Boyfie were hands down on this one. Unlike other version, they don't have the nakakahirin factor.
 Ham and Cheese - Will still try this later. hehe :P
 Pan de Red | Pan de Ube - I loved the fact that they changed the original name of "Pande Regla" to Pan de Red. DUUH. Imagine, the name itself will turn you off. hahah! And oh, they don't use old bread like other connotations. Well, as for them, we don't know from others. haha!
 Spanish Bread | Spanish Chocolate Bread - It was served straight from the oven and it's really wonderful! I loved the buttery grainy texture of their filling. And it's my first time seeing a Chocolate Spanish Bread! :)

Here's some of their product:

 Yema Cake - What if I told you that it's better that Rodillas? What I loved with this one is the light sweetness of the yema, not the buwis-lalamunan type. HAHAH! Though my only concern is that, I wished they put more (just a bit more) cheese on top! *ERASE ERASE!!!* I stand to be corrected, I remembered that boyfie got the top part, while I had the bottom part since it slided down because of the softness of the chiffon, but I'm currently eating this right now, it's generously topped with cheese! It's way fluffier than the latter brand. And one thing I've noticed is the fragrant smell of the bread. See for your self :)

 They also offer Loaf Bread but I only had the shot of their Carrot whole wheat bread :P
 Their huge open. Sorry! Againts the light! Oh hello there my shadow? hahah!
Thank you so much for the invite guys! Everyone surely had a great time! You may think that I'm biased with this because of the event, but take my name from it, I promise, their products were really wonderful!

For those who are interested or who wants to franchise, 
You may contact them thru the following:
(043) 706 4776 | | 

Or check their site @

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