Overnight Stay @ Forest House Bed and Breakfast

by - February 27, 2014

First time trying a Cabin Wood inspired for our stay. Originally, we planned to stay in Le Monet since I've heard they're the greatest in Baguio but it's fully booked already because of the PMA homecoming.

  But still, we didn't regret a thing! It's great for a Baguio stay IMO, perfect ambiance for the cold weather. 
The place is cozy and has a Christmas-y feeling.
The service was just satisfactory. I can't even say it's above average since they're slow usually on our request. They are friendly, some were not. But I appreciate when I asked for an art on my cake (which I will review next)
 The bar inside their restaurant
 Different random artsy things, stuffs hanging on the walls, floral arrangement and literally woody interiors!
Moving on from the Forest House Restaurant, here's the picture of the Bed and Breakfast itself.
 There's a lot of common area in their Bed and Breakfast guests
 Fireplace in the common area
Another Common Area
 And another.. hahah
 Dining area. But you can opt to dine on their restaurant if you want to
 I loved their key chain! :P
Upon entering our room Keanu.
It was huge! The photo is just only a part of the entire place. 
Flat screen tv, wifi on the room, a balcony, a soft giant bed.  
 I can't help to take loads of picture for the room alone, since it's my first time. 
Not the usual hotel room set up. Such a relaxing feeling :)
 If you're a light sleeper, then this place is not for you. Since the place is made up of wood materials, you can hear stomping of feet from above. Well just for an info, this place has only 3 rooms. Lucky you if you're the only guest that time.
A corner in the room where we spent playing cards. :)
Though my only concern is the rest room. The restroom was clean and organized but there's a mapanghi odor.
I called their attention and it took them 10 minutes to arrived before someone to clean it.
 Infairness naman, the staff were super apologetic about the incident. 
I think the crew spent 30 minutes cleaning our rest room.
And it's the place where I decided to do my unhealthy banner for my blog. haha! 
Ohhh! And to end this review, there's a catch? There's on going tour (UP Baguio I think) when we are about the check out. Me and boyfie were shocked when we opened the door and there's a lot of students in the common area of the Bed and Breakfast guests.Why they allow educational tour on the Bed and Breakfast area? The manager approached us and apologize, then I just said it's okay since we're about to leave already. But I really don't get it.

But still overall, I'm happy to give them a 4/5 star. One of a kind experience, not the typical hotel we usually stayed in.

Check their site @

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