One of a kind Food Trip @ Subspace!

by - February 04, 2014

Now, this is what they are saying! Finally found a new cozy place!
 The place is small looking from outside, that's why we had a hard time looking for the place.
The place was a bit small, but looking at the place, it was not packed that makes your stay comfortable one!
Cakes and Pastries will welcome you as you enter.
 It was sooo lovely! You'll see different unique and fun things inside the store.
 And even wall art too!
 Talking about uniqueness huh? Though I'm thinking if it will fall apart at some point? LOL! Wag naman sana! :P
 And look at their wall! hahah! I loved the Adventure Time the most! :P
 The 2 super friendly baristas! 
This pieces captures my attention! 
KPOP? Yes, this place is a K-POP Place. With Korean songs playing on their background. 
But what I loved is that, it's not too loud. And we still manage to enjoy our stay there. A lot of beautiful koreans were also there :)
 Book lovers and even laptop users alike are also welcome. They have fast wifi! :)
 So here's their drinks.
Their service was excellent! Since i'm a first timer, I don't know that they can't do latte art on coffee, only on chocolate and potato latte. >.< (I've heard that their Potato Latte is their best seller, I didn't choose it since I'm not fan of Taro Base drinks) They happily changed my order and explained it very well.
 Aside from drinks, they also offer sandwiches...
 And waffle!
 Dark Mint Chocolate (140 pesos) - Since I don't drink taro based drink, this is my only chance to have latte art! Hahaha! It was actually refreshing! Not that overly minty drink. I asked for a "universe latte art" and infairness, they made it pretty nice!
 Cocoa Cheese foam (115 pesos) for boyfie - We both liked it! Taste like Chocolate Milk Tea, with no strong after taste, with cream cheese on top!
 Big Bang Waffle (170 pesos) - My dearest readers, order this one on your next visit! It was 2 piece of waffle, that has scramble egg with burger patty inside! Then topped with bacon, ham, cheese, tomato and drizzled with mayo plus chili powder! BOOOM! Sarap! I loved that the spiciness didn't stay in my mouth for a long time, the savory of the patty with bacon is just perfect combination! What can go wrong with that?
 4 star on food + another star for the place and service! = 5/5! Will surely come back to this place! :)

Check their page @

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