Not-Your-Ordinary-Paluto: Market Basket Modern Dampa

by - February 27, 2014

Market Basket is a newly opened restaurant in Alabang. I got invited together with other
 food bloggers to taste their offerings! I was ecstatic that night!
It's a 2 storey building at the heart of Festival Mall in Alabang.
It's like a small patisserie shop from outside having this homey interior, but it's completely different inside!
A simple and quaint theme with pastel shades
You'll also noticed the see through kitchen along with their sea foods available for paluto.
A wide variety of cookie spreads which I failed to ask if it's for sale. But I guess it is! :P
This is just a part of their second floor. It's perfect for large group, company meetings or gatherings.
And look at their adorable rest room. Really lovely!
 I can help but notice this vintage candle lamp with a bible verse :)
Look at these giant tiger prawns! :o :o :o
Plus huge squids!
Freshest variety of fish
Different sizes to choose from! HA! :p
You can ask them to personalize your dish depends on your liking :)

We were served 18 variety of dishes! Yes, you read it right, it's 18 dishes! We were blown away!
And guess what happened the moment they served the food to us? Ofcourse photo op!
Assorted fresh fruit w/ Asian Vinaigrette (195 pesos) - Simple fresh salad with a light touch of their 
Asian vinaigrette combination. I loved the sweet mango too!
Sauteed Mushroom Salad (285 pesos) -  I'm a mushroom lover that's why it's automatically thumbs up to me! 
A salad composed of assorted lettuce and mushroom together w/ creamy balsamic dressing!
Lechon Kawali Sisig  (295 pesos) - This captured boyfie's attention! You know how he's such a fan of Lechon Kawali! He eagerly asked me to bring some on his plate. Why not? Even myself, this is a first time! A sisig made up of crispy lechon kawali smothered in sauce with onion and chilis! 
Stuffed Crab with Shrimp Aligue (350 pesos) - My favorite dish of the entire night! Who can resist a crab stuffed with aligue, shrimps and crab meat with melted cheese on top! IT.WAS.AWESOME!
Seafood Bouillabaisse (295 pesos) - A flavorful soup with different herbs and variety of seafoods. Wasn't able to put much attention to this one since I am currently blown away by their Salmon Belly.
 But I was so happy that it has mussels. :)
Salmon Belly - I believed it's one of the favorites as well. Reminds me of Sinigang sa Miso with veggies. 
The salmon belly was just fresh and divine!
Tanigue Creamy ala Pobre (125/100g) - Second to my favorite! A simple grilled fish with a twist. Topped with some olive oil and garlic. There's also a zesty taste of lemon (I think) that blended well with the cream. An instant party in my mouth!
Ribeye with Tiger Prawn (aka Surf and Turf) (295/100g) - I'm a late bloomer when it comes to steak on how I want it to be cook since I prefer having a "well done" steak. But it changed when Movenpick in Cebu served me a medium well. Market Basket version is medium (I believe it's medium, sorry I'm not expert on this) The meat was cooked perfectly! It was so juicy and and flavorful!
Look at that giant prawn! The herb and spices sips in inside, though it's a bit tough on my liking. 
But nevertheless, these two combo was surely a hit!
Lamb Spareribs with Oriental Sauce (280 pesos/100g) - This melts in your mouth softness surely stays for hours in the stove. It's literally fall off the bone and can effortlessly use my fork to slice the meat.
Grilled Pusit (80 pesos/100g) - A typical cook for squid stuffed with bits of tomato, ginger, and onion.
Bouillabaisse Pasta (295 pesos) - The pasta was cooked just right. As far as my taste buds remembers, the pasta itself was thinly coated with aligue-like sauce. Forgive me if I can't remember the sauce that it has, but I'm sure that it really tastes like aligue! Winner!
Fried Maya (110 pesos/100g) - Fried fish generously coated with sauce.
Macapuno Balls - All of us were surprised when they served this one on our table. Take note, it's a dessert! A macapuno balls with ice cream served on a sizzling plate! Each plump macapuno balls oozes its sauce as you bite it. (So better be careful). I loved when I put some ube ice cream together with the hot macapuno balls. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! :)
Sapin Sapin (95 pesos) - A unique desert made from mashed cassava, sweet potato, and ube as filling plus a thin layer of caramelized sugar on top! It's good but I appreciate if it's not too dense :)
Blueberry Cheesecake (165 pesos) - A cheesecake that seems like a no-bake cheesecake to me because of the smooth texture it has! A hint of blue cheese that made this cheesecake a not the usual one. sarap!
Nilupak Roulade (185 pesos) - I haven't tasted these. But it surely looks good!
Macarons - I'm such a sucker of macarons! I think this is one of my most favorite dessert/pastry ever. Their baker is so lovely to give us another round! A chewy macaron sandwiched on a hazelnut (more like ferrero) filling drizzled with salted caramel syrup. huhuhu! I wished I can hoard all of these! Perfect to cap off our wonderful meal! :)
Thank you so much for the invitation Mr. Larry Cortez (left) for the invite and 
to the chef as well for that impressive foods you've shared with us! :)

Check out their menu:

Overall, this dinner is surely a night to remember. Amazing dishes, Fresh Seafoods, Impressive Service is a perfect reason for you to bring your love ones to this place. :)

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