New Must Try in Baguio: Ketchup Food Community

by - February 26, 2014

The newest craze in Baguio! Ketchup Food Community will surely captivates the foodies out there!
 It consist of 5 different restaurants. Depending on your liking, I'm sure there's something that will tickle your taste buds.
Canto (Ribs, Burger, Pizza)
Green Pepper (Gourmet Foods)
 Happy Tummy (Thai Cuisine)
 Rancho Norte (Filipino Foods)
Rumah Sate (Indo-Malay Cuisine)
  And since it's fairly new, expect a huge number of crowds as you enter. A lot of diners on waiting list.
 Canto - From all the restaurants in Ketchup, I must say this is the most popular! People are willing to wait for 30 minutes or more! 2 long lines of customers on their waiting list as we left. (Will put a separate review for Canto.)
 I can't blame them, look how affordable their offerings! And I must say, their ribs was fall off the bone goodness!
 Happy Tummy - A quite popular with the tourist. Offers different Thai foods. 
They have spacious spot, unlike Canto where it is a bit cramped.
 Too bad me and boyfie were not fan of Thai foods. But I can see that they are enjoying their stay :)
 Happy Tummy's Menu
  Happy Tummy's Menu
 Rancho Norte -  From all the 5 restaurant, it's the most wonderfully made. Look at that architecture! They also offer al fresco dining where I didn't see from others. Their downside is that, we saw gazillions of flies on their area :/
 Rancho Norte's Menu
 We were about to order their Puto Bumbong and some rice deli but they told me "Wala po. Wala po yung gagawa" whuuuut? :o Wala bang ibang marunong gumawa? hahah! kiddin! :P
Green Pepper - Offers gourmet food on a secluded area. So if you don't want other people seeing you as you are enjoying your food, you might wanna stay here. haha. (Will put another review about our so-so experience here)
 Green Pepper's Menu
 Rumah Sate - Offers Indo Malay cuisine. They have the most unique architecture. Look at that! Though I haven't visited the restaurant inside since there's a lot of customers that time.
Just had a shot on this one :P
 5 individual restaurants with different theme and approach. Make sure you'll put this one on your list whenever you will visit Baguio. But like I said, be sure you're willing to wait (if ever). But it's worth it! :) Here's a tip: You can order from one restaurant and wait on the other restaurant for as long as you'll order on that place as well. I think they will deliver it to you straight from their kitchen :)

Check their page @

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