Must visit : Canto @ Ketchup Food Community

by - February 26, 2014

I guess this would be one of the greatest rave I've heard so far. And for sure we wouldn't miss it in Baguio!
The place is small. It's like a regular elementary classroom. It was packed! We are on the waiting list already. Good thing there's only one korean group in front of us, then we're next. A split seconds passed, a lot of customers were after us! Lucky indeed!
Their service is poor. I can't say I understand because there's a huge crowd that time, but why 50 Diner's did a great job even they have lots of customers as well? We had a hard time calling their attention, from ordering up to billing out.
 Nothing fancy with the interiors. Not so much when it comes to choices. Really straight to the point. :)

We only order one dish since we will go to Rancho Norte after so we can try the entire Ketchup Food Community.
 Almond Lychee Gulaman - Nothing special. But I will appreciate if they served it much colder :)
We had their famous Lomo Baby back Ribs Half Slab (190 pesos) - That's to share. It was served with a salad that i truly loved since there's a tiny bits of peanut brittle. Genius! Adds additional texture with the salad. Imagine how it will be if we ordered a full slab? Definitely, this is surely a value for money!  Yes, we were completely satisfied with this one. I now believe on the rumors that it's the fall off the bone type. It's not dry and seasoned perfectly. It's waaaay better than what we had at Hill Station which is 50% more expensive :)

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