Fun Filled Day @ Strawberry Farm! :)

by - February 25, 2014

 Strawberry Farm is actually in La Trinidad already.. I think it's around 20 minutes away from Baguio City. You can ride a jeepney but if you have a tight schedule like us, then I suggest just take a cab. If I'm not mistaken, we paid 110 pesos from Baguio to La Trinidad. Anyway, I loved the taxis in Baguio, it's way way cheaper than the ones in Manila :P
 I've been to Baguio lots of times but I haven't tried picking my own Strawberries. 
So we decided to put this one on our itinerary. Yay!
 Different vendors will approach you, we're really planning to buy strawberry taho, since I haven't tried that on my past visits.  "Mam, bili na po kayo ng pang-Instagram na taho!" haha!
With whole strawberries! I loved the not-so-sweet syrup it has compare to the classic taho. :)
 From the entrance outside, another 10 minutes walk and you'll see different things like flowers,
 A gazillion lanes of Strawberries.
 Romaine Lettuce
 Here's my obligatory tourist shot. hahah!
 Since boyfie experienced this one already, he just let me do the picking by myself while he'll take my pictures :P
Look at that number of strawberries in one place! :o
 Nice, Red and Juicy :)
The lanes in between were small that's why you'll struggle walking and trying your best not to have tons of muds which I consider as the downside. There's a comfort room nearby where you can wash your feet afterwards. Though a boots rental is available if you don't want to get dirty, but I just don't like the idea of renting boots. I even saw a lady wearing a high heels. Tindi mo teh. haha!
 Price is 350 per basket (you can haggle) since you're really paying for the basket for the strawberries and not as entrance. Meaning, you can enter as a group and pay just for one.
 I had fun! Very much! I'm not sure if i'm just mababaw but I enjoyed the moment. Picking my own strawberries and choosing the fat and juicy one. Good thing I'm wearing a covered flip flops.
 It's expensive if you'll compare it with the Strawberry vendors outside that sells the strawberry for 100 per kilo, but you're really paying for the experience.
We're not even interested of buying Ice Cream since it's really cold! But this Kuya said "Mam, Bili na po kayo ng Ice Cream kong parang DQ, I'll serve it upside down or else it's free" hahaha! I laughed so loud! :)) And yes, we bought some Strawberry Ice Cream and whoaaa! It's good! The ice cream is not the usual "dirty ice cream" It's way creamier plus the bits of fresh strawberries! :)

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