Exploring more of Baguio @ Tam awan Village (Garden in the Sky)

by - February 25, 2014

Me and boyfie wanted to make the most of our trip that's why we included this on our list
 A 50 pesos entrance per person. You can also have a photo op with a native wearing a bahag. :D
 Activities in Tam-Awan Village
 I find their restroom cute!
 Including the paintings inside
 There's a lot of sighting in the place.
  Different wood sculpture like "bulol" and the native wooden house.
 We didn't climb up to this area since our schedule is really tight. :P
 Also, an antique cafe located in the second floor where you can have some snacks.
 The traditional nipa hut. I think they also offers bed and breakfast as well.
 Inside the hut is a cozy traditional bed room :)
 But our real intention of going to the place is the artist that offer portrait sketching.
I read about this in some blog and I find it nice as well. Wala lang, just for remembrance. The artist was really nice and makwento. How's our portrait? Boyfie's face was turned into mangga comics. It was soo cool! Really looks like him! :P 

Check out their page @

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