Disappointing visit @ Choco-late De Batirol

by - March 01, 2014

I feel bad giving negative review when everybody else's review were high. 
But no matter how hard I try, I know for a fact that it's not worth the hype. :(
(Please note that this is based on our own experience)
 You might get lost looking for this place since it's like in the middle of nowhere with tall trees/plants.
 Closer Look
The place is small but spacious. Al fresco dining and different nooks where you can stay. 
  It's not a closed area with walls or something, it's like a small nipa hut that allows the wind to flow continously.

Here's their Menu:

 Satisfactory. They served our meal fast and the one took our order is friendly. 
Check out this lady making the Chocolate drink using the batirol
 Palabok (105 pesos) - A single served palabok topped with chicharon, small shrimp, and a slice of egg. It was OK. Not that flavorful. I'm giving you my word, Jollibee's version is much better!
 Bibingka (105 pesos) - Whaaaat? One of the most expensive Bibingka I've seen. But I don't think about the price if the food is good, but this one is just OK. Nothing extra ordinary. It's fluffy and tastes like a pancake that was cooked in the Bibingka maker which gives the aroma flavor. But it ends there. There's no even salted egg or hint of butter. The vendor near our place sells a 20 pesos Bibingka that is waaaay waaaay better!

Traditional Blend (90 pesos) - A cup of hot chocolate with a hint of nutty taste. It was OK as well. I'm expecting it to be thick and creamy but it's so watery. It's a heart break! 
 Choco Mallows (115 pesos) - A chocolate drink topped with marshmallow. 
Same as the Traditional blend topped with mini marshmallow. That's it?!
Choco-late de Batirol, I didn't experienced that thick chocolate drink that you're saying. :( 
For the food alone, I can give it a 3/5. But considering the price? I believe it's over rated. I'm sorry.

You can check their site @

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