Bringing an American Vibe @ 50's Diner

by - February 20, 2014

Me and boyfie decided to spend our Valentine's in Baguio. It was actually our January plan that ended up in February so we can celebrate for "something" atleast. I spend 2 weeks preparing our list for our must visited places. Nahh. It can be just a couple of days, but I'm just really excited. haha!
 First Stop: 50's Diner. An American inspired place that pretty reminded me of Johnny Rockets
I've heard lots of raves on this place. It's been said that it's a must in Baguio
 IT.WAS.PACKED. We're on waiting list when we arrived and I noticed that there's no one eating in the bar area and I asked them if we can just eat there since we want to make the most of our time, and good thing they allowed us.
 Just like what I've said it's really full of diners but what I am impressed is the fastness of the crew. Taking our order, serving our meal, billing out, everything was swift. They were pretty nice as well.
 Fresh fruits for their shakes
 And a Marilyn Monroe frame on my side. (everywhere actually)
 All the condiments that you can possibly need

Here's their menu:

Since we'll be eating in roughly an hour, we just had a quick bite just for us to cross this one on our list.
 Guys on the Hood (145 pesos) - Photo attached. It has pork chop, slice of pizza, chicken, spaghetti, and garlic bread served with fries and vegetable.
 Gangsta Gangsta (150 pesos) - My order. Combination of grilled porkchop, fried chicken, vegetable in oyster sauce, chicken roll, rice and egg.
I have one comment to describe our meal. Food wise, its just OK. Decent enough. Reminds us of home cooked / karinderya style food. But big appetites and budget travelers will surely love this one since the serving size is generous. :)

Check their page @

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  1. hi there, would like to use ur pictures (menu) for my blog. I'll be placing ur url on the caption. Thanks :)

  2. For as long as there's the url then no worries. Thanks for asking. Have a great day Yvonne! :)


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