Breakfast at Forest House

by - March 01, 2014

A cold breeze in Baguio with magnificent view is surely a great way to start the day! :)
Look at that view!
The bar of Forest House Bed and Breakfast
And freshly baked breads! I've heard it's delicious! That's why I had these as pasalubong for my Dad.
Unlike others, Forest House offers set meals to their Bed and Breakfast guest. 
You can choose one from different set meals provided. Each comes with a cold/hot beverage
One of the trade marks of Forest House is their meal with a note attached to it. Pretty nice! :) Both drinks were really sweet and refreshing! Though I wished I ordered their hot coffee or chocolate to match up with the weather. hehe :)
Homemade Tapa - Smoked sirloin with any style of 2 eggs, garlic rice and achara. 
I loved the strong garlic-y taste that blended well with their medium-well tapa. Really flavorful!
Homemade Bagnet - Crispy Pork belly served with garlic rice, 2 eggs of any style and achara. Even though I don't say it, you know it's boyfie's order since it's almost the same with his favorite food --Lechon Kawali. Just by looking at the appearance I really thought it's overcooked. But I was wrong. It was soft and tasty!
We both super loved the chicharon-like skin of the Bagnet. 
Though I really wished that it will be served with a sarsa next time. :)

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