Banapples Pies and Cheesecakes Katipunan!

by - February 05, 2014

It's not new to me how Banapple offers variety of comfort foods. But it's only now that I've realized that I haven't put any review with this place. But this is the first time I visited this branch in Katipunan since we always dine on the other one.
 Compare to the other branch, this place is huge and spacious enough to make their customer feel at home. 
 Cakes on display
 And yes, it was my friend who celebrated her birthday that time, and I asked the servers to put up a surprise to our friend. But before that, let's go to their foods first. :) 
 Corn Soup - It was my first time ordering a corn soup, since I'm not even a fan. But I liked this one! I was surprised with myself as well. It has the right of consistency and not over powering. 
 Warm Chicken Tuna Sandwich - You can see it right? It was generously filled! :o Pwede nang ulam! hahah! But seriously, this was a good one! :)
 Cheesy Penne - I never tried ordering Cheesy Penne since before coz I find it so ordinary, but no. It's saucy and cheesy! :)
 Hickory Ribs - A bit tough IMO, and has lots of hickory sauce. Well, I loved that they are generous with everything, but not on this one, since it tends to be too sour and nakakaumay already. 
 Beef Salpicao - Unlike the Hickory Ribs, it was perfectly cooked!
 Tenteneneeen! My staple order in Banapple, Lasagna Roll Ups! A herbed cream lasagna, filled with yummy cream cheese inside the wide strips of pasta, rolled up and finally smothered with their classic tomato meat sauce and mozarella cheese! 
 Upon my signal to the server, they bring out the cake with our dedication. Infairness, they cheered and sing a Happy Birthday Song while clapping their hands (Which I didn't expect from them) :)
And finally? The lettering! See how they nicely put the dedication to the cake! What I loved with Banapple is the huge amount of serving that doesn't skimp on their ingredients! Perfect for heavy eater! haha! Happy Happy Birthday Shai! :)

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