Trying out JT's for the first time!

by - January 09, 2014

Since I've heard that it's better than Mang Inasal, we looked forward eating at JT's especially they have limited branches.
 It's out of our way, but we dropped at their branch in Katipunan. The place was small, and no people during that time.
 JT's Manukan is owned by actor Joel Torre, that's why don't wonder why there's posters of the movies he made.

Unlike it's competitor Mang Inasal, their menu is extensive than the other. 
 Their viand sold separately, that's why you really have to order your rice (or extra rice. HA!)
 Inasal companions
We ordered Paa (feet and thigh) which obviously I can't avoid comparing it with Mang Inasal since it's smaller. I'm fine with the price especially if it's good. But I can't seem to understand why people were telling that it's better than Mang Inasal. The chicken was not that flavorful, and I can't feel any aroma taste at all. Though what I liked is a hint of crispiness of the chicken skin.
I'm not sure if it's just with this branch, but I'm open on trying it out again with other branch. But clearly, as for this experience, I'll still go with Mang Inasal (No chicken oil btw, you have to order your own that costs 10 pesos)

I would love to give this a 3/5 star for the food alone but the service sucks. They were really masungit. It irritated me already. Yung tipong oorder ako eh nakasimangot yung crew? Pfft!

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